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skype case study

Skype case study for technology management class

Kristin Ebanks

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of skype case study

? Group 1 KaZaA & Napster
File sharing Revolution Unstable;
sensitive to connection quality
Dependent on Internet
Privacy can be compromised
Mobile version requires a lot of battery power Free and accessible
Simple and user friendly
Only needs broad band
innovative and flexible
First mover
Cheap international calls
Large capital for future projects (owned by Microsoft) 5 Forces Model Impact on international calls revenue Suppliers Buyers New Entrants Substitutes 1st Mover Advantage 5 million users w/o using advertising large market share customer loyalty broke telecom barriers What is Skype? WHY WAS IT CREATED? Skype phone

Host advertisements

4G technology will allow faster and better connections Competitors

Telecom providers dropping prices on international calls Peer-to-Peer (P2P) - computer network in which each computer in the network can act as a client or server for the other computers in the network.

-shared access to files without the need of a central server.

-All computers inside the network to use a compatible program to connect with each other.

-P2P technology became widely popularized by file-sharing applications such as Napster and Kazaa. Services how have telephone users changed? Telecom providers make money from providing internet service which is used to run Skype.

Don’t currently have effective method to compete with Skype when it comes to international calls.

Possible solutions: Lower prices to be more competitive
Cooperate with one another to offer better deals
Charge more for internet service increased use of text messages importance of mobile internet service interaction through social networks SWOT strengths weaknesses threats opportunities low bargaining power low bargaining power high threat high threat how are telecoms fighting back? 3D

Online therapies

Online classes

Online interviews

SKYPE is a great program.

Innovates comunication. features: conclusions:
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