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Tracy's World

My Autobiography

Tracy White

on 17 March 2013

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Transcript of Tracy's World

The Move... It's 1979! Born in Mount Maunganui, N.Z Tracy White My Autobiography Glen Murray Primary 1988 Glen Murray Primary 1988 Early Years... I have many wonderful
memories of the friends that I made at this small school.

To this day we remain in contact! My High School was situated in a picturesque
farming and coal mining town. It took over an
hour of travel by bus to attend school each day... Huntly College 1993 This Kiwi girl moves to
AUSTRALIA! 1995 In 1996 as a fresh faced 17 year old in a new country IT'S 1996 We were blessed with 4 children I was blessed to find the love of my life in 1997 - we married 2 years later Our world was turned upside down when our eldest son nearly died from 'Meningoencephalitis' aged 4...

2 Years of Brain Injury Rehabilitation and many tears and smiles brought us to today..... Devastation :o( Every cloud has a silver lining...
After our experience with our son, I now know my path for the future. In 1997 I met my future husband!
We married 2 years later! My future is completing a Degree in Education, then going onto my Masters in 'Special Education', so that I can help children and families like my own! I was lucky to spend my early years
in a beautiful seaside town in New Zealand! Auckland Brisbane I left my new home in Brisbane and traveled to Melbourne to undertake my training with the Royal Australian Navy... My parents encouraged me to join the Navy in the hope of a secure future! My dreams of teaching were to be forgotten I was now an Electronics Technician - Radar Specialist
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