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mindless behavior team


Mallory Bryant

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of mindless behavior team

@143Prodigys_teddybear MINDLESS TAKEOVER Their managers Keisha Gamble and Walter Milsap were looking for an all boys group so they held an audition and Princeton tried out first and made it, then Roc then Ray, then their managers had heard of Prodigy (who was on youtube) by six degrees of separation and he joined the group. How Mindless Became Mindless Prodigy, Roc Royal, Ray Ray, Princeton and their DJ : "DJ BigDeal". The Members of the Group ~Prodigy:15 his birthday is December 26, 1996. His home town is Philly. His favorite food is chicken fingers and fries. His favorite color is Red. His signature style is his teddy bear necklace. Prodigy is the laided back quiet one. Age, Favorite Color,Food,ect. Princeton is Jacob Perez
Prodigy is Craig Crippen Jr.
Ray Ray is Randy Rayson
Roc Royal is Trey Young
Big Deal real name is Myles Brown Mindless Behaviors Real Names Mindless Behavior's Album came out on September 20,2011. Their hit single My girl Started the whole mindless nation. Their next hit Is Mrs. Right ft Diggy Simmions which went on # 7 on the 200 billboard. Their songs are: #1 girl, Hello, Future, Girls Talkin Bout, Mrs. Right, My girl Remix, Hook it up, Missing You, Uh-Oh, Christmas with my girl, Gone, Valentine girl, Kissing game. Songs Facts The scream Tour was the first tour MB was headlining. Facts Cont. Mindless behavior is my all time favorite group. Mindless Behavior is a swagged out , fun , crazy group. If i could ask MB questions it would be : what is the most stupidest thing you ever done,what is the most exiotic animal you ever seen, have you ever rode a four-wheeler, what is the most dangerous thing you ever done, what was a yolo moment in your life and if you could have 3 wishes what would it be. The end ~Roc Royal:15 His birthday is July 23,1995. His home town is L.A. His favorite color is Black. His favorite food is Soul food. His signature style is a buckle hat. Roc is the Dare devil. He recently cut his hair on his 15Th birthday.Roc is the baby of the group. ~Ray Ray: 15 his birthday is January 6, 1995. His home town Is L.A. also, Roc and Ray lived close to each other their whole lives but, didn't know it. His favorite color is Purple. His signature style is Two braids, goggles and sometimes he wears a domo hat or beanie. He is known as the prankster. His favorite food is Tacos. ~Princeton : 15 His birthday is April 21, 1995. He lives in L.A. His favorite food is chilli cheese fries. His favorite color is green. Princeton style is rock and roll. Before any show or Promo He draws a peace sign on his hand. Princeton is the funny one. Ray ray ate a whole box of pizza on his own. Roc royal has his ear pierced. They rehearse in Hype studios Prodigys Favorite Christmas present was a leather jacket Princeton called fans over thanksgiving Ray Learned how to swim a year ago The boys play Play Station on the tour bus Prodigy Sleeps with a pillow under his arm Roc dosen't Like Reece's Princeton gets scared during horror movies Roc is very talkative during movies Prodigys Favorite subject is science Princeton bites his nails Ray's favorite cartoon is Tom and Jerry
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