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Titanic Classes (clothing + possessions)

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Grace Leighton

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of Titanic Classes (clothing + possessions)

Titanic Classes (clothing + possessions)
Imagine living in the early 1910's, with the lavish outfits of the wealthy to the rags of the steerage class. A ticket aboard the Titanic was a holiday for some or a chance of a new life for others. In the Edwardian era possessions and clothing varied from one class to the next. Lets explore the living conditions of the three classes.
1st class clothing
Woman would changed outfits multiple times in a day.
Women always wore dresses which were commonly made out of silk, lace, chiffon & brocade.
underneath their dresses woman always wore
corsets to improve their figures.
1st class men wore tuxedos and suits for all occasions.
Along with their suits fist class men wore hats unlike
the lower classes.
Hats were commonly a beige silk with cotton lace, buckles and ostrich feathers.

1st class possessions
A lot of 1st class women on the boat carried a chest of dresses and clothing items that they were taking over for clients.
Pieces of fine art were among some of the upper classes possessions.
Their hired staff were also brought aboard.
3rd class clothing
Women of the 3rd class did not wear the top Paris fashions but they wore ready made department store dresses or home sewn outfits.
They would use fabrics like serge or poplin.

2nd class clothing
Second class passengers dressed similar to those in first but the clothing items were not quite as lavished.
They were more classy and business like.
3rd class possessions
2nd class possessions
Most of the second class were business men like professors & authors so they would have carried books, pens, etc.
Third class passengers brought aboard the little they owned, as the majority of them were travelling to America for a 'better life'.

Fashion and possessions among the three classes in the Edwardian era on the titanic was a diversity like no other. from the most wealthy to steerage class status. The titanic was home and the ending to many of these people, and their possessions tragically sunk with the ship.
Breeches & Bustles By Elizabeth Scandrett
What People Wore By Douglas Gorsline
20th century fasion 1900-20 linen & lace by Sue Mee
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