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Lob's Girl

No description

Cassie Mohr

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Lob's Girl

Lob's Girl
Point Of View
A theme of a story is the lesson, or moral, of a story. I believe that the theme of Lob's Girl is that you need to cherish every moment with your loved ones, because you never know how long you will have them for.
In the beginning, the conflict is Lob leaving. The children fell in love with Lob and don't want him to leave. The conflict in the middle of the story is if the Pengelly's will get to keep Lob. Mr. Pengelly and Mr. Dodswroth work things out and Lob gets to stay. The conflict in the end is Sandy and Lob getting hit by the car driven by Dr. Travers. Lob's ribs are crashed and he passed away. Sandy ends up in a coma.
The story takes place in a small coastal town in Cornwall, England. The story starts out at a beach when Sandy was five. Parts of the story take place at the Pengellys cottage, and the end takes place in the hospital. The entire story is in between WW 1 and WW 11.
The characters in Lob's girl are, Sandy, who is one of the main characters in the story. Then there is Lob, an Alsatian who is also a main character. Sandy's family, the Pengellys, includes Jean her mother, Bert her father, Aunt Becky Sandy's aunt, Granny Pearce, Don her older brother, and the twins, Tess and Tim.

Other characters include, Mr.Dodsworth, Lob's first owner who lives in Liverpool. Aunt Becky, Sandy's aunt. Dr.Travers and Mrs.Travers, The people who hit Sandy and Lob on the steep hill.
Lob's Girl point of view is in 3rd person. A narrator who is not in the story but they tell the story.
In the beginning of Lob's Girl, all the main characters are introduced and Sandy meets Lob. Sandy also meets Mr.Dodsworth, Lob's first owner. Then Lob must go back to Liverpool with his owner. Only to come back walking more than four hundred miles. Mr.Dodswroth comes to get him, but once again, Lob walks back to Cornwall, but he was limping this time. His ear was torn, and a patch of fur was gone.
Rising Action
In the rising action, Mr.Dodswroth gets very agitated with Lob, so he offers Bert Pengelly to go ahead and keep Lob. Bert accepts Mr.Dodswroth's offer.
Then there is a nine year long time gap, leaving you to decide what happen in that long gap. But on one very gloomy October night, Sandy was asked to go to her Aunt Becky's house, she also took Lob. To get to Aunt Becky's house, you had to climb up a very steep hill.
Dr.Travers and Mrs.Travers were on a short vacation. On that same October night they were going down a steep hill. The same hill Sandy was on.

Falling Action
When Granny Pearce was at the hospital, a soaking wet Alsatian showed up at the door. Granny Pearce knew it was Lob. She brought him into the room Sandy was in and he was able to wake Sandy up. But he kept shaking his head, like he was trying to dislodge something heavy. With a few whines, Sandy woke up.
Granny Pearce, walked Lob in to the hallway. Bert and Jean were stunned. Granny Pearce asked why they were white-faced. They said Don found Lob with his ribs smashed. So Don went out and tied a lump of concrete and put him into the sea. Then Granny Pearce, Jean and Bert looked up, and they saw trail of wet footprints leading down the stairs.
Dr.Travers kept going and going, but he didn't see Sandy or Lob, but Mrs.Travers did. Dr.Travers ended up hitting Sandy, and Lob.
When the Pengelly family heard what happen, they went straight to the hospital. Sandy was in a coma, and Lob was no where to be found
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