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Black Hawk

Kadeem jones Nancy Rodriguez September period 6th

Kj Boywonder

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Black Hawk

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Kadeem Jones
Nancy Rodriguez
U.S History
Period 5th Black Hawk The war affected them during 1812 by reducing the tribes from 5,000 to less than 500.
It also affected them by losing most of there land to the Americans.
He and Boilvin took another delegeation of Sauk, Fox, Osage, loway. Mami, Potawatomie, and Sioux to Washington in June of 1812 to engender their respect fro the United states. How war affect him Black fought with Fox survivorsand suffered French wrath and were forced to flee to central Iowa for a time Who they fought with! Back Hawk was a Chief of the Sauk Nation. They fought with the British But was enimes of the Americans. They fought the Americans because they wouldn't retire from their land. On June 1812 Governor John Reynolds called out the militia to evict them by force.
Bloodshed was averted however, when the Suak and Fox tribe slipped quietly across the Mississippi River into Iwoa and endured an uncomfortable winter there. What was the affect of war to the tribe Averted- To turn away or aside or prevent The war of 1812 failed to reslove any of the issues surrounding the Treaty of 1804 and the difficulities it had spawned.
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