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Celebrity at the Turn of the Century

Georgetown Am Civ II

Abby Davids

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Celebrity at the Turn of the Century

old European
gentility new
"gentility" celebrity time technology trend philosophy global politics photography newpapers telegram railroads steam power interchangeable parts or... "old"
money stereotypes artists politicians criminals organized crime murderers prostitutes and madams Helen Jewett Carrie Watson H. H. Holmes Lizzie Borden Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show Annie Oakley Sitting Bull Harry Kendall Thaw architects cabaret performers writers Mark Twain Walt Whitman Stanford White Daniel Burnham Evelyn Nesbit Caroline Astor businessmen Andrew Carnegie John D. Rockefeller William Jennings Bryan The Astor House,
New York City William Astor The Astors' Beechwood Estate Caroline Astor, "The Mrs. Astor" Jesse James Edith Wharton Edith Wharton One of Wharton's most important novels Evelyn Nesbit Left: Charles McKim, Stanford White's Business Partner
Right: Stanford White
Below: Madison Square Garden, designed by McKim, Read and White; the scene of White's murder Harry Thaw being escorted by police
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