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CarIT Congress2015

No description

Oliver Bahns

on 1 November 2015

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Transcript of CarIT Congress2015

Mobility Reloaded
- oder -
Wie IT vernetzte Mobilität ermöglicht

user centered

the car will continue to be the nucleus
for individual mobility


will become part of IoT
by 2020
400 Million cars will be connected
from buyer to user
2 strategic opportunities for OEM
Mobility Provider
leveraging existing mobility brand
and installed base
re-define owner experience

How to manage 100+ million of consumer interactions a day - secure, reliable, efficient?

How to establish an open platform attractive for 3rd parties to enrich the service offered to consumer

How to develop own service to improve consumer experience in complete car life cycle

How to establish "managed security" of the connected car
robust platform
to execute
millions of user/ devices
and transactions

analytics to derive
value from data:
connected fleet, drivers,
3rd parties
provide e2e
service level as
virtual network

Martin Risau
Senior Vice President
Enterprise Services

Two facts driving
future mobility!
2 strategic opportunities for OEM
Mobility Provider leveraging
existing mobility brand, installed base
and product competence.
redefine owner experience

networked mobility offers strategic opportunities to car companies.
develop new business model as the central mobility provider for consumers
redefine customer experience in the "classical" business model

Experiences from other industries clearly show that Car Makers have to establish an

A secure, scalable and robust mobility platform to manage millions of connected cars, customers and service interactions will be the foundation for future success.

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