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Coach Warren English Project!

Elizabeth Fairchild

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of Ireland

Ireland Ireland Ireland Population:
4,722,028 Indiana Population:
6,516,922 Population Difference:
1,794,894 Popular Religion of
Ireland Roman Catholic What the Colours of the Priest Represents: White: Joy (Christmas, Easter, Weddings, feast of
Christ & Mary, Saints) Red: Blood and Sacrifice (Good Friday, feasts of
martyrs) Red: Fire (Celebrations of Holy Spirit, Confirmation) Purple: Waiting (Advent) and Penance (Lent) and mourning (funerals) Blue: Mary (feasts of Mary and possibly Advent) Black: Sorrow (funeral, but less & less used) Green: Hope (during all other times/most times) Gold: Used on solemn occasions instead of
white if priest wishes The Seven Catholic Sacraments: Baptism Eucharist (Communion) Reconciliation (Penance) Confirmation Marriage HOLY ORDERS Anointing of the Sick (Last Rites/Extreme Unction) The Roman Church makes its own rules. They are called precepts and have to do with such things as when one should fast and attend mass. West Virginia 24,231 sq. miles 32,595 sq. miles difference: 8,364 Ireland Attractions Cork, Ireland Blarney Castle Newgrange Stone Passage Tomb County Meath, Ireland Seven Natural Wonders of Ireland Connemara: County Galway Cliffs of Moher: County Clare The Burren: County Clare The Skellings: County Kerry McGillicuddy's Reeks: County Kerry The Giants Causeway: Belfast Bru na Boinne: County Meath Dominant Languages English Irish(Gaelic or Gaeilge) Abraham "Bram" Stoker Born in Dublin, Ireland: November 8, 1847
Died: April 20, 1912 Irish Novelist & Short Story Writer Personal Assistant of actor Henry Irving & Business Manager of the Lyceum Theatre in London(owned by Irving) Henry Irving Mother: Charlotte Matilda Blake Thomleyn Stoker
Father: Abraham Stoker Dracula Inspired by the real-life story of Vlad the Impaler Wrote for the money; did little stories/play writings, but none hit big till DRACULA! Some Famous Faces of Ireland Louis Vincent Walsh Niall James Horan!!! Member of One Direction Siva Kaneswaran Member of The Wanted Una Healy Member of Saturdays Evanna Lycnh AKA: Luna Liam Neeson Colin Farrell John Lennon The Beatles George Best Aaron Doran
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