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How to sell Cserpes-products in the US? by Andras Szabadi

How to sell Cserpes-products in the US? by Andras Szabadi for Bridge Budapest

Concorde Securities

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of How to sell Cserpes-products in the US? by Andras Szabadi

2011 study also revealed that average Americans ate How to sell
Cserpes-products Istvan Cserpes
founder What do we know about Cserpes? tasty and quality products from milk milk bar Why do we (So do I) love Cserpes? It's TASTY! HEALTHY! AND ALSO, IT'S A COOL
CONSIDER IT AS OUR OWN in America? Production and consuption Total cheese production, excluding cottage cheeses, was 10.9 bn pounds (mainly from Wisconsin)

Butter production in the US during 2012 totaled 1.86 bn pounds

there are 1 288 dairy plants in the US

Milk production during 2012 totaled
200,324 million pounds 31.4 lbs. of that is cheese = = x 1120 x 466 632 lbs. of dairy products The largest dairy companies ... Your question was how to sell Cserpes-products successful in America... the whole question is on one little world: successful What? different milk
products 66 9 27 flavour of yogurt types of cheese Who? from Cserpes family to all those who want healthy and affordable milk product Where? moving bus retail partners &
brand shops How much? Istvan Cserpes, the founder says that he believe in quality and not mass products so it's affordable, but some product is more expensive tan the average ABOUT THE AMERICAN MARKET in Europe, the avg. cheese consumption
is around 40 lbs/person What kind of dairy products Americans eat?
2009 206 5.0 14.0 19.0 2.4
2010 206 4.9 13.4 19.5 2.4
2011 201 5.4 13.2 20.3 2.3 Year Milk* Butter Cheese other cottage american (Per capita consumption in product weight) They cover almost the whole market by their nationwide network to be one of the large supermarket suppliers was not the aim for Cserpes „our success won't be possible, if an other retailer would sell our products with many others. We knew that it could only works if we sell the Cserpes.
We started with moving buses, they came and bought from us. Our model build up for whispering propaganda." we should
think globally
act locally! 38 bn USD revenue from dairy to 42 130 businesses Cserpes USA it would worth to consider the name - Cserpes is hardly pronounceable for english speakers 1. need to find quality milk suppliers close to the largest cities in America 2. What to sell? milk, and flavored milk cheese, traditional Hungarian and regional recepies flavoured yoghurt sandwiches & snacks as you saw Americans don't like cottage cheese, so I think Trudi won't be popular it's not problem...
at least we have more! Who? child obesity is a great problem in the US we all know that original milk products are important to humans, especially for children we should target those who think HEALTHY dining is important those who can pay a bit more, for QUALITY food Where? really popular, 2 crowdy place in Budapest they serve shakes, sandwiches, and other pastries *including yogurt moving buses are good in Hungary, Cserpes can reach customers in small villages... but our target customers are mainly cosmopolitans so I see 3 relevant way to sell products 1. partnership with popular local delis they have own, honest customers who deserves quality food they often make easy take away food, so they can use Cserpes products in they own sandwiches etc... 2. own milk bars close to schools at meeting points near transportation hubs as an alternative of fast food restaurants 3. online ordering and home delivery customers could order the next day's fresh breakfast and pasteries ONLINE! There are hundred of opportunities to promote the products in social media sponsorship and CSR projects PR with coupons promotions and badges how it's made videos on activity + food picture sharing on Americans are simply addicted to coupons, it's a lot easier to sell products in packages and bargains interviews with the founder articles on how healthy is Cserpes Cserpes could use recycled bags and cups it would be great to help some school by providing bargain price or free milk for students Cserpes could sponsor young talents (athletes) in every area where it's operate by fresh and healthy food
they will be grateful when they grew up! conscious customers local employees cool designed place I do believe that Cserpes' values are common with Americans I see no barrier to sell it's products in the US market aspire quality make tasty and healthy food be an integrated part of our environment I do belive that Cserpes would be successful in the US, because it's values are common helathy tasty aspire the quality responsible for it's enviornment Thank you for watching!
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