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My Trip to The UK

No description

Sara Flynn

on 16 August 2013

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Transcript of My Trip to The UK

The End! :D
Day 1
Today is my first day in the UK. I arrived at the London City Airport, and went to the currency counter to exchange my American dollars for Britain's currency, which are called "British Pound Sterlings", and transferred my 5,000 American Dollars into 3,208.62 pounds. According to the man working the counter, 1 American dollar exchanges to .62 British pounds. I then took a bus to my hotel, the Grange Blooms. After I got settled in, I walked to the London Museum of Natural History, which teaches all about Britain's history. While there, I took a tour, and learned about Britain's land, exactly where we are at, and how it all came to be.
Day 2
Today, I took a private bus tour of London, and saw many points of interest. We drove by the London Tower, Big Ben, and even Buckingham Palace! The tour guide told me and the passengers many facts about London and it's country, the UK. They are under a Monarchy, which is run by Queen Elizabeth II, but most of the power ended up coming from the Unitarian Parliament, which is run by the Prime Minister, David Cameron. Who knew?
Day 5
Today, I took the subway (or tube, as Britons would call it) to see the London Eye, which is a huge Ferris Wheel. It lights up at night and looks magnificent! After that, I took another tour, to find out more about this country. Through it, I discovered the exact location of London (51. 51 N, 0.10 W), as well as it's relative location, which is next to the Thames River. Also, I learned that the major transportation in the UK is by taxi, subway and bus, but they also use cars and bicycles as well. I was surprised to learn that a major part of the UK's funds come from tourism, so I guess this trip is helping the country!
After the Museum trip, I went to Wembley Stadium to watch a football game, (which us Americans call "Soccer", which I also learned is a popular past-time among British citizens.
by Sara Flynn
My Trip to the UK
Day 3
Today, I rented a car a took a drive outside of the city. When I looked out the window, I discovered that the country side looked very nice, mostly just green, rolling hills. It was like this for most of the drive, and the weather continued to remain overcast and drizzly since I'd arrived. The people themselves are very nice, and upon talking to them, I discovered that they are very nice, and use the land a lot for farming and wildlife, as well as housing development. Once, I'd heard someone speaking a foreign language, and when I asked him what it was, he told me it was Scottish Gaelic, which is a common language here.
Day 4
Today, I decided to take a tour of the British Nights tennis shoe factory, since they are so popular in the states. I watched how the workers made the shoes, packed them, and sent them off to be distributed. After that, I decided to treat myself for dinner, and went to Bocca di Lupa, which served extraordinary food.
Day 6
Today, I took one last tour of the city, and decided to visit St. Paul's Cathedral, where I've seen many people go to and from everyday. When I went there, I discovered that the Cathedral was Catholic, but UK's main religion was Anglican as well as Catholic.
Day 7
Today was my last day, so I packed up my things and made reservations to check out of the hotel later. I went out and visited some attractions, some I had already seen but wanted to visit again before I left. After that, I went out to eat at Bocca di Lupo again, and then saw a concert at the infamous 02 Arena. After that, I checked out of my hotel, and flew back home!
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