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The water cycle

No description

Brett moniz

on 16 January 2015

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Transcript of The water cycle

By Brett Moniz
The journey of Brett Moniz
Hi I'm Brett Moniz and I'm a water molecule in a water fountian.When I'm in Lisbon I mostly see euros being tossed in the fountian and people walking by.Until one sunny day that all changed.
On the really sunny day I started to move rapidly and bumping in other water molecules.After bumping each other we left the stage of liquid and turned into a gas.Then during the coures of the day we moved up into the atmosphere and we evaporated ended up forming a cloud.
My trip to the clouds.
After forming into a cloud we started to move over the North Atlantic Ocean. As our cloud floated over the Atlantic the cloud started to get heaver as we moved across the Atlantic.Then one day this all changed.
Moving in the atmosphere
On a dark cloudy day Our cloud got so heavy some rain drops started to fall out of the cloud.We started to condenstate into percipitation, rain.After I fell out of the cloud I fell in The North Atlantic.
A Rainy Day
my trip throug the North Atlantic
After the rainy day I became one with the North Atlantic.After Three days in the Atlantic a current picked up which became Hurricane Sandy.When I became one with Sandy I knew I had a one way ticket to the United States.
My trip through time square
As Sandy moved along The North Atlantic I had bird eyes view(from the clouds)of lower Manhattan and Ground Zero.When our cloud floated over lower Manhattan the cloud condenstated into percipitation(rain) I fell straight into Ground Zero.After that fall I found my self in a sewer plantion.
The sewer plantion
After making in the sewer plantion I met all new water molecules.After meting the molecules I seen a huge filter that was going to suck us in.After the filter sucked is in I found my self in a poland spring factory.
My trip in a water bottle
In the poland springs factory I was filtered into fresh water once more.After I was filtered and I later put in a water bottle.After that I was later shiped out to which seemed to be Stop and Stop.
My final stop
After I was sent to Stop and Shop I later put in cooler to me cold.After I was put in the cooler a little boy bought me for $1.25.After the little boy bought me I was later put in me final loctaion which was in his mouth.
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