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Financai Aid Information

No description

Diana Dowling

on 28 September 2018

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Transcript of Financai Aid Information

Financial Aid Information
Federal Aid Application Process
Contact Us
Apply for a FSA ID at fsaid.ed.gov
US Citizen or Eligible Non-Citizen
Eligibility For Federal Aid
Outside Scholarship Opportunities
Complete your FAFSA at fafsa.ed.gov
(be sure to use the IRS data retrieval tool)
3. Apply for admissions to YC
Log into the YC website under My Services, Students,
click on My Financial Aid then eligibility for any
additional documents you may need to turn in
Social Security Number
Pursuing a Degree or Certificate
Registered for Selective Service
High School Diploma or GED
No defaulted student loans or overpayments
Satisfactory Academic Progress
3 Components Make up SAP
- Cumulative GPA of 2.0
- Rate of Progression (ROP) = Total number of
credit hours attempted versus total number
of credit hours earned (Must be at least 66%)
(This also means any classes you have
attempted here at YC, even if you were still in
High School and not receiving Financial Aid! )
- Maximum Timeframe MTF = Aid is suspended
at 96 attempted credits
Consequences of Unsatisfactory Academic Progress
Depending on the situation, a student may:
- Be put on financial aid warning
- Lose aid eligibility
- Required to appeal for reinstatement of
financial aid eligibility
- Have to pay back all or a portion of financial aid
received for the semester
Types of Aid
* Federal Programs (Grants, Earned Aid, Loans)
* State Programs
* YC Scholarships - application available on the YC
website under my financial aid.
Deadline May 15th (March 15 for High School Specific Scholarships)
Must complete FAFSA to be eligible
* Outside Scholarship Opportunities. YC has an
outside scholarship database on our website
* Veterans Benefits
* YC Payment Plan
Federal Aid
- You do not have to repay
- Pell

- Must be repaid with interest
- Maximum amount of loans that can be taken, so use them only if necessary!
Earned Aid
- Federal Work Study (FWS)
- Community Service FWS
- Apply online through our YC employment
- Do not have to be paid back
- Yavapai College has a multitude of scholarship opportunities available to
only YC students! One application for all YC scholarships, located on the
YC website under Services, My Financial Aid.
DEADLINE for high school students: March 1st - DEADLINE for all other students: May 15th
- Need Based
- Academic Merit Based
- Area of Study
- Special Ability, like music, athletics, art, etc...
- Volunteer work
*YC offers an outside scholarship database on our
* Fastweb.com
* Scholarship America and ScholarshipHunter.com
* EarntoLearn.org
* AZ Community Foundation
* Native American Tribal Offices
* Community organizations (Lions, Elks, Kiwanis)
* Employers
Veterans' Education Benefits
- Post 911
- Montgomery GI Bill
- VA Vocational Rehabilitation Program
- Reserve Educational Assistance (REAP)
- Veterans Retraining Assistance Program (VRAP)
- Dependents' and Survivors Educational
Assistance Program Chapter 35

Questions about eligiblity:
YC VA Department (928)717-7613
YC Payment Plan
* Interest free
* $25 down and 25% of your bill due when signing up
* Can be used for:
- Tuition & Fees
- On-Campus Room/Board
* Cannot be used for:
- Books
- Off-Campus Room/Board
* Prescott, & Verde Valley Financial Aid Advisors
* (928)776-2152
* Online = www.yc.edu
* Email = financial.aid@yc.edu
* Raymond Ceo - Financial Aid Director
* Deb Schumacher - Verde Campus FA Advisor
* Evelyn Garey - FA Advisor & Systems Specialist; Loans
* Adrienne Rodriguez - FA Advisor; Student Employment
* Kelly O'Brien - FA Advisor; Outside Scholarships
* Santana Alvarado - Verde Campus FA Advisor; Tribal Liason
* Harlee Morisson - FA Systems Specialist

Your Financial Aid Team
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