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Ketonix - Study Setup v1.0

No description

Michel Lundell

on 15 March 2016

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Transcript of Ketonix - Study Setup v1.0

Enrolment and Ketonix Setup Steps
Ketonix - Study Setup
Register your study id at www.ketonix.com
Step 1
Login & download manual and software
Step 2
Start the software & create a profile
Step 3
Congratulations you are ready to take measures
Step 4
but first ...
... read the manual
Open www.ketonix.com
Click Login
Enter your study id as name
and username. Also enter
password and email.
Then click Register
Click LOGIN. Enter your username and password,
tick the "Remember me" checkbox and click "Log in"
Select "My Menu", then "DOWNLOADS"
Click on "Documents"
Click "Download" for "Ketonix Manual 2016 v1.0"
Click "Download"
Now print, bookmark or save the manual so you
easily can find it.
Go back and select the "Software" folder
Click on "Download" for the software that suits your computer operating system, Mac or Windows
Tick the "I accept ..." checkbox and then "Download"
Don't forget that you can always
consult the manual!
Start the software, select "File" then "Profiles ..."
(If the software won´t start, you probably need to
install the latest java from www.java.com)
Click on the "+", then enter your study id as
"Profile Name"
Click on "browse" to set a data file where
measures are saved locally.
Enter your study id and the extension ".csv" .
Click "Select"
Now enter your study id as Username and
provide the password you used when
registering your account at www.ketonix.com.
Then click "Verify" to check that you entered the
correct username and password.
When you get the "User authentication success"
message, click on "Create Profile" then "Close"
Now you should be able to select your profile
Plugin you Ketonix device in one of the computers
USB ports. The color should change to your Ketonix
device color, and it should start displaying "Initializing".
(If the device is not recognized, there is a conflict with
other devices/software installed. Ask your nearest
expert for help to resolve it, or try another computer).

Your application should now look something like
the image above, time to do a calibration...
Calibration is only needed when you just got
your device, or haven't used it for some weeks.
Click "File" then "Calibration ..."
Then click on "Start Calibration".
Let the calibration window disappear by itself.
This may take some time, be patient and don't
play with the device while its calibrating.
Well done, your'e all set now.
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