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Back to school AP Biology

AP Biology

Alleen Porter

on 24 August 2017

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Transcript of Back to school AP Biology

AP Biology
The Study of Life

Scientific Method
Chemistry of Life
Bacteria and Viruses
Human Body
What will your student be learning
Required Materials
1. Daily directions/Agenda on Canvas or printed out.
2. 1st 5-8 minutes- DSJ Prompt/Answer in journal
3. Classwork/Labs
5. Last 5 minutes- DSJ Reflection

Daily Routine
All grades are on a 4 point scale.
Quizzes are used to help study for tests.
Grades are updated weekly.
Please check Q to see child's updated grade.
Get pin from library.
DSJ/DSR- Graded every 2 weeks
Class assignments
Assesments/Tests- Quizzes and tests
Email address:
Biology Book
Biology Study book
1 journal
1 daily science notebook
AP Biology Test

Part A: 63 Multiple Choice; 6 Grid in Math Questions
50% of final score
90 minutes

Part B: 2 Long Free Response: 6 short Free Response
50% of final score
90 minutes

Date : May 14, 2015 (Monday 8:00am
Studying for the class and the Test

1.Study notes, worksheets, and old tests.
2. Quizzes are used to check for understanding
3. Tutoring - AP Ambassadors/Teacher
4 Reading the chapter
5. Buy an AP Biology Study book printed after 2013.
6. Watch online Review videos
7. Review websites:
Science Trip
Costa Rica- Not school sponsored. World Strides
About Me
B.S. - Biology from ISU
MD- Education from National University
15th year here
Cross Country Coach
Hobbies: Travel, Workout, and spend time with my family/friends.
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