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Training Trends: Building a Culture of Engagement in Corrections

What Does the Future Hold? Workplace Learning and Staff Performance Enhancement Trends, ACA Workshop

Cindy Boyles

on 27 January 2011

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Transcript of Training Trends: Building a Culture of Engagement in Corrections

Building a
Culture of Engagement
in Corrections WHAT THEY WANT from their boss

to learn QA Which generation loves you most? Traditionalists: 85% favorable
Millenials: 79%
Gen X: 77%
Baby Boomers: 74% Source: trainingmag.com
September 2008 Does every generation think the
next generation is so shallow? Blog Posting Inital Post: Is this part of growing older or are people now in their 20s particularly dull?

Response 1: They said the same thing about you when you were a kid 60 years ago.

Response 2: I'm sometimes taken aback when I find myself expressing thoughts
about the younger generation that my elders expressed.

Response 3: I don't see all that much difference. I can remember, unfortunately,
how deeply stupid I was. RESULT Creating the Culture of Engagement "Engagement is a personal choice,
not something a company can impose." ~Roth & Leimbach "Perhaps the biggest failure is a persistent belief that an organization can create engagement." Engagement is an emotional choice to be loyal. validation community Organizational
Inventory Engaging Millennial-Minded Workers Rethink Everything Personal Accountability WHO THEY ARE Born between 1977 and 1997
By 2014 will make up almost half of employees in world inclusion Culture Snapshot
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