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Arab- Israeli conflict

No description

Giuliana Gaos

on 30 May 2011

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Transcript of Arab- Israeli conflict

Arab- Israeli Conflict Jews and Palestine Christ Killers Zionism- Theodor Herzl Palestine could settle
wherever they could "Chosen People" Jews were forbidden
to live in Palestine Jews driven out
by Romans First World War Pressure govt to
remain the war Turkey were allies
with Russia Jews in USA Fears for threatning 1914, Turkey declares
war on Britain Turning points between
Jews and Arabs British leave Palestine Organized the Jewish
defense force Soldiers and Hursh
Punishment Arab terrorist
or weapons Results of the Suez war USA sent emergency force Egypt results were
contradictory Conflict of cold war Presiden Nasser emerged
a hero with his reputation
enhanced Britain and France
were humiliated Arabs and Palestine Arabs controled a
hudge empire Wanted independence
from the Turks Arabs were absorbed by the
turkish empire Fights
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