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anika meier

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of cupcakes

Some of the most common types of cupcakes are chocolate and vanilla
but there also a lot of other
kinds like red velvet,
strawberry and lots more. Did you know cupcakes
where invented in the 19th
century because the ovens they used would often burn cakes and take a long time to bake? So they made cupcakes a quicker and easier way to make cake. When cupcakes where first
invented people would call them number cakes because
they where easy to remember
by the measurements of ingredients it took to create them. CUPCAKES By Anika 6th grade library Media @ Irvington, Mrs.EFB The first thing you need to know about
them is what they look like. Cupcakes are
like cake except smaller they are about the same size as a persons fist and always
have a glob of frosting on. Have you ever eaten a cupcake and
wondered who invented it or how
they thought of the idea? Well if
you have you've came to the right
place because I'm going to teach
you all about them. Did you know the biggest cupcake in the world
weighs over 1,315 pounds! That means it had about 75 pounds of butter 2,500 eggs and 100
pounds of coco. The cupcake was sold in small chunks to benefit cancer research. cupcake i A simple chocolate cupcake A fat elvis cupcake kitten & cupcake Anika A chocolate cupcake A vanilla cupcake A Red Velvet cupcake A strawberry cupcake BIBLIOGRAPHY DATABASE Beatty Shannon, Hester Beth, Sarker Tia, ed. Everyday Easy Cakes & Cupcakes New York DK 2010 BIBLIOGRAPHY BIBLIOGRAPHY BOOK THANKS FOR READING MY REPORT ON CUPCAKES BYE!!! http://www.saintcupcake.com/ WEBSITE National Geographic Kids, April 2011 p8(1)
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