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Hispanic/American Cultural Family Values

No description

cole mitchell

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Hispanic/American Cultural Family Values

Hispanic/American Cultural Family Values
In Hispanic culture, your family is a very close knit group. Hispanic family values are very different from those of Americans. Your 'close' family extends way beyond mother, father, and siblings. Usually in these cultures, the father is the head of the family and works, while the mother stays at home and takes care of the house.
In American culture, your family
isn't as close as Hispanic. Often you
have relatives in other states or
parts of the world. Divorce and
single parents are more common
than in Hispanic culture. There is
more diversity in American
families. Your parent(s) and your
sibling(s) are close family, and
everyone else is extended. It is very
common for both the mother and
father to work in a household.
In American culture the family isn't as connected and large. Often at dinner, different family members won't eat together. Someone could be eating in front of the TV, someone in the kitchen, someone in their room. American family values aren't typically as strong as Hispanic family values.
In Hispanic culture, your close family is often beyond parents and siblings into your aunts, uncles, grand-
parents and other relatives. This is reflected in everyday life by entire families eating meals together. Often each family member will bring some sort of dish and everyone will enjoy dinner as a family.
A disadvantage for American family values is social disconnection. Since we don't often eat together or do as many activities together such as Hispanic culture, we may become disconnected and have communication problems with family members.

An advantage of Hispanic culture is that your family is very close with each other. Since you spend a lot of time together you are bound to know the person well, like them, and enjoy their company. One thing that could be a disadvantage is privacy, since your family is always around and near you.
I think that the Hispanic family produces better results. While some American families are very connected and have meals together and see extended family often, it doesn't seem to compare to Hispanic culture. I think that this family type
would produce better results because of how close the family is. Parents will pass on these family values to their children who will then have families of their own. We could learn a lot from Hispanic families in terms of family.
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