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Lee Bhika

on 18 November 2012

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Transcript of Brooklands

S.W.O.T analysis Expansion Survey Data Local roads are the B372, B373, B374, A317 and A3050. Weybridge is equal distance from the M25 and the M3.

The local bus routes are the 51, to Brooklands and the 436 to Weybridge.

The local train station is Weybridge and is operated by South West Trains.

There are 2 public, council run pay and display car parks and another private run Euro car park within 0.5 miles of Church Street. Local Information Lee Bhika & Matthew Rayner Welcome Photo: Lee Bhika Competitors & Attractions elmbridge.gov.uk (2011) 52,900 households

77.7% owner occupied Population = 130,900

48.51% being male and 51.49 female Market Church Road, Weybridge, Surrey Where We Are Classic Meets
Modern Hand Made In House Finest Ingredients Who We Are Website Layout Sample Marketing % Specials & Promotions
Calendar Events 2013
Community Targeted Demonstrations & Workshops
Local Charities, Groups & Schools Mass produced goods
available at supermarkets
at a lower price
Difficult trading conditions
on the High Street
Finance required No control
over borrowing costs
New entrants to the market
Connect with local
communities and businesses
Plans for business growth
Supply to local businesses
New entrants
to the market
Rising competition
No control over
inflation and rising
operational costs
Estates Gazette. (2012) Surrey County Council. (2012) Lee Bhika (2012) QR Code Generator. (2012) Artisan products
Experienced chef
Minimal competition
Affluent area
Good access to
High Street
Low cost or free
parking facilities
Business capital Growth & Development Photo: Lee Bhika Any Questions??? Thank You Photo Lee Bhika (2012) Elm Bridge Borough Council. (2011) Population & Demographics - Elmbridge's Vital Statistics. [online]. Available from: <http://www.elmbridge.gov.uk/planning/policy/populationDemographics.htm> [Accessed 1st November 2012]

Estates Gazette. (2012) Weybridge Shops to let. [online]. Available from: <http://www.estatesgazette.com/propertylink/browse/retail-weybridge-to_let.htm>
[Accessed 4th November 2012]

Home. (2012) Current House Prices in Weybridge. [online]. Available from: < http://www.home.co.uk/guides/house_prices.htm?location=weybridge> [Accessed 1st Novenber 2012]

Portas, M. (2011) An Independent Review into the Future of Our High Streets. [online]. Available from: <http://www.bis.gov.uk/assets/biscore/business-sectors/docs/p/11-1434-portas-review-future-of-high-streets> [Accessed 15th November 2012]

Surrey County Council. (2012) Buses and Trains. [online]. Available from: < http://www.surreycc.gov.uk/roads-and-transport/buses-and-trains> [Accessed 6th November 2012]

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Weybridge.org. (2012) Gateway to Weybridge Information. [online] Available from: < http://www.weybridge.org.uk/> [Accessed 4th November 2012]

Youtube. (2012) Patisserie Mori Osaka; Waltz of Cakes. [online] Available from: < http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXRAHLAa_sc> [Accessed 5th November 2012]

QR Code Generator. (2012) QR Code. [online] Available from: < http://www.the-qrcode-generator.com/> [Accessed on 4th November 2012] Bibliography
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