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The Use of Special Effects In : The Hobbit An Unexpected Jou

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ryan hollis

on 6 December 2015

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Transcript of The Use of Special Effects In : The Hobbit An Unexpected Jou

The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey
Weta Digital
Weta Digital were the people in charge of the visual effects of all 3 hobbit films and many others including: Iron Man, Avatar and X-Men First Class.

The Hobbit is a 3 part story based on the books by J.R.R. Tolkien which is produced by Warner bros. pictures and new line cinema
weta digital
weta digital is one of the top visual effect studios around the world and is one top pick for most producers and directors.
All 3 hobbit films are rated 12A because they wanted to appeal to a younger audience/ family friendly atmosphere
how they used special effects in The hobbit
the hobbit films are filmed using using 5K 3D cameras filming at 48 frames a second which is unusual because most films are filmed in 24 frames per second
to get the 3D affect they have to film with two cameras with a mirror on the front to bring the two cameras together
The Lord Of The Rings
the hobbit is a separate story set in the same universe and works as a prequel to the original set of films
the end
this is the part of
weta digital that
works on beards
here they work get
a realistic movement
on the character beards

using motion capture technology
to help with the animation weta digital uses motion capture technology which helps with the moments, posture and the face movements
the hobbit: an unexpected journey
the hobbit: the desolation of smaug
the hobbit: and the battle of the five armies
budget: $200,000,00
box office: $1,017,003,568
budget: $225,000,00
box office: 960,366,855
budget: $250, 000,00
box office: $955,119,788

some stats

target audience and genre
the hobbit is suitable or the majority of ages, and both genders.
its mostly a fantasy adventure film based around wizards and dragons
some rivals for the first film include:

advengers assemble
the hunger games
wreck-it ralph
life of pi
the dark knight rises
these were the main competitors for 2012
weta digital also worked on advengers assemble
spending cost
the average cost for a film ticket is around £10 (not including additions)
a new hobbit dvd/blue ray now will cost around £9.99 but second hand ones go for about £5
when they first came out they wil have cost around £15 for dvd and £20 for blue ray
most fans of the film will have been fans of the original trilogy
you can also watch all three online with netflix and amazon instant video
for the films they did a lot of advertising including a statue of Gollum in an airport, a plane with hobbit decals covered over it and entire buildings with posters all over them
issues whilst filming
there were some complaints about animal cruelty when making the hobbit.
None of them ever came to anything
They were accused of not feeding the animals regularly and not giving them enough rest


screen shots
the rest were screen captures taken from peter jackson's production diarys
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