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Project G.L.A.D.

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Amy Moore

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Project G.L.A.D.

Project G.L.A.D.
By: Amy Moore

Project G.L.A.D.

"Preparing today's youth for the future"

What is G.L.A.D. ?
G.L.A.D. Program is an instructional model of professional development in the area of language acquisition and literacy. Contains strategies that promote positive effective interactions among students and between teachers and students.
Features of G.L.A.D. Model
Project G.L.A.D. Training
Project GLAD is a model of staff training for language acquisition.
Teachers are trained to modify the delivery of instruction of students to promote academic language and literacy.
Composted of two components - theories & training
35 Teaching Strategies towards students under 5 components:
- Focus/motivation
- Input
- Guided oral practice
- Reading/Writing
- Closure

Strategies & Classroom implications:
1.) Teach to the Highest
2.) Brain Research-Metacognition
3.) Brain Research & Second Language Acquisition
4.) Reading & Writing To, With, and By Students
5.) Active participation in all components of unit, negotiate for meaning, comprehensible output personal interaction & 10/2
6.) A theme, year planning, and strategies that foster standards-based learning.
Project GLAD
Strategies & Implications
What G.L.A.D. Stand For?
Vision Statement
"Project GLAD stands for and promotes an educational setting that produces effective, literate citizens of a global society. It is a model of respect for diversity not only in language and ethnicity, but, also, in thinking, learning, and personal experiences. It provides support for teachers and students alike to face change and success effectively and confidently." ~ projectglad.com
G ~ Guided
L ~ Language
A ~ Acquisition
D ~ Design
Promoted English language acquitions
Emphasizes Academic Achievement
Initiates cross-cultural skills
Develops metacognitive use of high level academic language and literacy.
Strategies are interactive & form team building skills
It is a K-12 instructional model consisting of 35 well-articulated strategies.
Firmly rooted in research & field tested - 18 yrs
Creates high expectations & standards for students that incorporates voice and identity
Values teacher's time and view points
G.L.A.D. Purpose & Goals
Designed for teachers who have a significant number of ELLs within thier mainstream classrooms.
To ensure that all students -ELL and native English speakers are able to read and write grade-level text and access academic content.
It seeks to accomplish this by training teachers to use instructional strategies that can be integrated with any curriculum in different subjects and areas.
1.) "What" of the Language Acquisition Model
- Provides organization structure for integrated, balanced literacy approach.
- Integration of listening, reading, speaking, and writing into all content areas.
- Language is acquired more effectively when the emphasis is on meaning and message.
-Language acquired while studying something interesting or real life use.
- Integrating the content areas and direct teaching of metacognitive strategies, learning is made more relevant & meaningful to ensure efficient & effective learning.
2.) "How" of Staff Training
Element 1: Theory & Research (Tier 1)
Available to anyone in education program
Two-Day Research & Theory Workshop ~ ~ Opportunity to dialogue & learn with other professionals in the field
~Planning support connecting with ~Common Core State Standards.
~Intro. to Project GLAD units
~Exposure of 30 teaching strategies

Continue of Staff Training
Element 2: The Demonstration Session (Tier 1)
Four to Five Day Demonstration Lesson
- observe students utilizing strategies with a Project GLAD trainer
-Participants supported by a Project GLAD coach
-Participants start planning & preparing materials to use in thier classrooms
-"Seeing successful strategies with students is the most effective method of promoting change" ~ projectglad.com
Last of Staff Training
Follow-up and Coaching (Tier 1)
~Trainers & leadership team develop a plan for Follow Up support
~Trainers provide customized follow up coaching to Project GLAD trained teachers.
~Teachers reciveve individualized & grade-level team support around GLAD strategies.
~ Follow-up coaching include classroom modeling, co-teaching, planning sessions, time to create standard-based lessons, and prepare strategies.

Videos: Project GLAD
GLAD Resource book: http://www.lausd.net/Main_EL/pdf/Glad_Resource_Book.pdf.
Websites: Project GLAD
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