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Organizational Behavior


abdul manan abbasi

on 31 May 2010

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Transcript of Organizational Behavior

Final presentation Organizational Behavior Group Members Abdul Manan Abbasi Dr. Umbreen Hamid Qaiser Atiq Instructor: Sir Nabeel Javed TerraCog Introduction Privately held company Specialized in high quality global positioning system Established in 1977 Manufactured sonar equipment for fisherman till late 90's and after that introduced first GPS for hunters Concentrate on outdoor market Competitor introduced "Birdsl" Difficulties created within the team Case Summary Decrease in market share Drawback of Posthaste Answer to competitor Unexpected increase in sales Decision not to upgrade GPS Change in Decision Launching Aerial Project Offering High-End functionality in limited time Retail Premium of $50 Plan to launch Aerial 2008, holidays Quality and speed Tradeoff Pre-Launch meeting Resumption of pre-launch meeting What was the organizational structure of Terracog? QUESTIONS Organizational Structure Importance of Organizational Structure Task distribution Distribution of responsibilities Managing growth Controlling and monitoring activities Dimensions of Terracog's Structure Deparmentalization Chain of Command Specialization What were the main grounds of conflicts faced by Terracog in project Aerial? What techniques can be applied for the elimination of those conflicts? Question # 2 Question # 1 Conflict Grounds of Conflicts No compensation sacrifice Miscommunication Other innovative ideas Quality threats Retirement of Harold Whistler Unexperienced Executive Vice President Participation of more than required people Techniques to overcome conflicts Proper communication Authoritative Command Involvement of Professionals Recommendations Aerial launch & Customer Retention
To launch at cost and increase prices after capturing market No Sales Compensation
Meeting on Agenda Not to Abondant Aerial Project
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