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English Term 2 2013

No description

Emma Moneypenny

on 13 August 2013

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Transcript of English Term 2 2013

On Free Dress Day I chose this theme The hot-blooded, strong-willed protagonist. Plenty of things happen in school, not all of them good, but that no-one ever seems to know how to do anything about it. Xena-phobia Skye uses her position as presenter on the school radio to reveal Madeleine's true colours by broadcasting her bullying Meng Yu in the cloakroom. Overall Anywhere and most of the time it goes unnoticed or unpunished. Written by Jane Greenwood Irrational dislike of people from foreign countries. Presented by Emma Moneypenny Skye Meng Yu Zang The Chinese transfer student. Madeleine Johnston "Queen of Xenophobes” Karen Hoffman Emily Taylor Alex Keppler Mr Theodorakis Mr Peters Mrs Foster Know what's going on but need evidence Fooled by Madeleine's Lies Year 10 Coordinator Skye and Meng Yu's Home Room Teacher Skye wishes that someone could give Madeleine as good as she's gives, just like her hero Xena Warrior Princess. Isn't always physical but emotional. Isn't as simple to expose as some make it seem. A well written story.
Kept momentum.
Had a theme I was interested in.
Liked the creative metaphors "Madeleine is like one of those 3-D 'magic eye' images you see in books - rather interesting and pretty to look at until you focus on her properly and find what's really there” What was possibly the most enjoyable for me was following the main character and her antics. The End
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