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Writing a CV

Presentation on writing a Curriculum vitae

J Holden

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Writing a CV

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com "A CV will be the basis of an employer's first impressions" Down to the details... What is a CV? Writing a CV A CV is a short document giving:
Personal details
A short personal statement
Education & Employment History
Brief details on interests & hobbies
Additional information (achievements, licenses...)
Details of referees. - myjobsearch.com DO DON'T Personal details
Personal statement/profile
Education/Employment History
Additional information
References ( ) Personal Details Personal Statement/Profile Education History... Additional achievements & interests References Layout Vocabulary Final thought... Employers are increasingly checking Facebook for another first impression of applicants. "56% of employers check applicants' Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter..." - Zdnet.com Choose your profile picture carefully
Check your privacy settings to see who can see what.
Refrain from using a 'middle name' that might reflect negatively on you (e.g. Brett 'the tank' Anderson) CV Examples... Good or bad? Just something to help... Tailor your CV to the job specification
Be concise
Format CV correctly
Use professional contact info
Provide TRUTHFUL information
Check your CV thoroughly once done! Bury the important information under useless extra details... (be concise!)
Over-complicate layout
Use a silly email address
Provide false information
Forget to check through your CV properly once done.
Use 'slang' words Write your name in a larger font than the rest of your CV Your name Contact details Phone number - home and mobile
Email address Optional details include... Marital status and family
Date of Birth
Nationality This should only consist of A FEW lines detailing... Career aspirations (if applicable)
Reasons for wanting to work in the sector
Personal skills/attributes This is your opportunity to sell yourself! This should be in Reverse chronological order, starting with details of your most recent school/college attended. You should list: Names of institutions attended
Dates from-to.
Qualifications achieved
Level (GCSE/A-Level)
Grades achieved
Date qualification received. Employment History This also should be in Reverse chronological starting with details of your most recent job. You should list: Company employed by
Dates post held (from-to)
Job title
Job responsibilities
Skills learned (if applicable) order Here is the place to speak a little about your life outside work/college... tailor details to be relevant to the post you are applying to
Consider including non-academic achievements
Also include:
Computer skills
Languages spoken (+ fluency)
If you hold a driving license. Referees aren't essential for your CV, just recommended. One should be your most recent employer or tutor
One should be another professional who is a relation.
Check with your chosen referees that they are comfortable for you to disclose their contact details NOT Keep it simple and clear! Fonts FONTS Use easy-to-read fonts such as...

DON'T USE fonts such as...

Make sure your font is no smaller than size 11 Presentation Layout "If you were a book, your CV would be its cover. For this reason, it is important to take the utmost care in presenting it." - myjobsearch.com The TITLE of the document should be your name
Use headings to split your CV into sections
Try and create a BALANCED look
Try to keep your CV to ONE PAGE
Make sure all spellings are correct BALANCED ONE PAGE Always write in FIRST PERSON
Also always write in past tense.
Keep sentences succinct: don't over elaborate
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