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The Ghost of the Green Lady

No description

on 4 January 2014

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Transcript of The Ghost of the Green Lady

The Ghost of the Green Lady
The next day Billy put his bugging device under Mr Hopkins' table to listen the conversation with Mr Evans.
Billy discovered that Mr Hopkins are with Mr Evans, they are the thieves!
The headmaster, Mr Hopkins, told to the students that Billy was the thief.
Billy called his dad because is a policeman and told him everything.
Billy took a final walk
around the lake and saw a green glow moving across the water. Then a figure looked like a woman appeared.
"I don't believe this, I'm imagining this" thought Billy.
The Ghost of the Green Lady must remain a mystery for a little longer
- Billy is the leading role, he is 15 years old.
- Mr. Harrison is Billy’s dad. He is a policeman.
- Mrs. Harrison is Billy’s mum.
- Mr. Hopkins is the headmaster of the boarding
- Mr. Evans is one of the maths teachers.
- Mrs. Ward, the librarian.
- James, Alan and Mark are Billy’s roommates.

Billy was surprised when come home and his father was there because he's a policeman.
Billy's parents decided to sent him to a boarding school, because they move a lot and he must have friends like other teenagers .

He decided to put in his case some electronic inventions.
When they arrived he saw a lake and an old church. They met the headmaster, Mr Hopkins and Mr Evans, one of the maths teachers, Billy didn't like he at all.
James, Alan and Mark were Billy's roommates.
Alan told Billy the story about Duke Sebastian of Coxley. His wife killed herself because enemies' Duke Sebastian cut his head off. His wife had been visiting the lake on 1st February all the years.
Alan told the boys that there was a thief in the school that stole a painting.
The night of 1st February the boys went to the lake and they saw a green light was coming from the church, it appeared and dissapeared.
They saw Mr Evans, he was carrying a big package
The next day Mr Hopkins told the boys that there was another theft, this time the thief stole the sword of the school and all the students are under suspicion.
That night James and Billy left the building to watch Mr Evans at the church. They saw him with the sword and they called Mr Hopkins, but he was very angry with they and told that Mr Evans wasn't the thief. The attitude of Mr Hopkins was very strange.
Then he arrest Mr Evans and Mr Hopkins.
Billy's dad arrived and hugged him.
The next day was the end-of-term party.
When the policeman came to caught Billy, he told to Billy that his dad spoke with him and Billy gave the tape to the policeman. He listened to the tape with Billy's headphones.
By Caroline Stevens
Mariam Jebari 3ºB
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