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No description

Dunder Muffin

on 16 February 2014

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Transcript of TOMORROWLAND

What is it about?
-is an electronic dance music event
-every year in the town Boom, in Belgium
The festival is decorated as if you were in a fairytale. Each of the costumes of these characters are very expensive and takes a lot of time to make them.
-held every summer
-three day festival
Another striking thing of this festival is the scene
The accommodation in Tomorrowland is situated in an area called "Dreamville" and you have three options where to stay.
Relax Room
Easy tents
In a famous festival like this you can find the best DJ´s in the world.
David Guetta
Swedish House Mafia
You have to be at least 18 years old to enter the event
It´s also interesting to know that they allow people with disabilities
Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike
Armin Van Buuren
-Where does the festival take place?

-How many days does the festival last?

-How old must you be to enter to the event?

-Where can you stay at the event?

-What's called the place where you can stay for a few days?

-Name at least 5 DJ'S.

-From which country is NERVO?

-Since which year is festival organised?

-Who is the youngest world class DJ?


People with special needs.
A magical story.
Another word for surprise.
Really big fairy-tale house.
A place where you can stay for a few days.
The ticket for the event costs 600 euros
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