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Steve Jobs

No description

Suzannah Giglia

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of Steve Jobs

February 24,1955-Born and adopted, unnamed, by Paul and Clara Jobs
1968-Calls Bill Hewlett for school project; gets a summer job
1969-Meets Steve Wozniak
1973-Drops out of Reed College after 1 semester
1974-Got a job at Atari to fund a trip to India for spiritual enlightenment
1975-Started Apple with Wozniak in parents garage, funded solely by the pair
1976-Launched Apple I at Homebrew Computer Club
1977-Launched Apple II prototype at West Coast Computer Fair
1978-Apple II is 1st mass-market personal computer
1985-Jobs striped of executive duties; he resigns to start NeXT Computer Co.
1986-Bought Pixar Animation Studios
1989-Named 'Entrepreneur of the decade' by Inc. magazine
1991-Marries Laurene Powell; already pregnant with 1st son Reed Paul Jobs
1995-Becomes CEO of Pixar; 'Toy Story' premieres; 1st computer animated feature film
Late 1995-2nd child born, Erin Siena Jobs
1996-Reappointed to board of directors when Apple bought NeXT
1997-Jobs took over as interim CEO
1998-Eve Jobs is born
2003-Diagnosed with pancreatic cancer
2004-Operation to remove tumor
2009-6mo medical leave of absence; receives liver transplant
2011-Takes another medical leave, this time with no end date
August 24,2011-Resigned from board of directors
Dies October 5,2011 surrounded by family
Innovator from an early age; learned electronics from his dad in the family garage
His 4th grade teacher had to bribe him to study
He tested so well in middle school he could have jumped ahead to high school; his parents declined
Known to be a prankster
Jobs was intelligent but decision less
A bit hot tempered which got him kicked out of the Lisa project
Computers in their infancy were only used for industrial, commercial and military purposes
computers were cumbersome and expensive to be considered accessible for personal use
There was a disconnect between supply and demand for personal computers
Long standing professional business concepts and practices were difficult to change
Cassette tapes and compact disc players were limited to 1 album, approx 10-12 songs
Since Steve Jobs started in the electronics industry there have been several advancements and achievements in the field, such as:

There is some form of a computer in just about every home in North America
Made the computer mouse affordable for every computer
Computers come in all shapes and sizes, from full size desktops to portable devices that fit in the palm of your hand
Music is now able to be bought online and downloaded directly to a computer or portable device
Computer animated full length feature films
The Progress
Steve Jobs legacy will live on as we continue to innovate on his user friendly computer designs
Most people don't use an original Mac but they use a newer version or an innovation in their everyday life
iPods are one of the most popular choices for Mp3 players
iTunes has changed the face of how we get our music, second only to Wal-Mart for sales
The Creator
for Change
Now What
The Legacy
The Problem
The Alternatives
The Man
The Talent
The Apple company is the greatest consumer electronics company on earth.
The creation of the iPhone was a breakthrough digital convergence device, including the introduction of the app store.
Steve Jobs has changed the standards for PC & mobile computers. He has changed the way computers are used such as laptops and tablets and by introducing the touch screen.
He has influenced the music industry and the way it is listened to and music is purchased.
He invented computer digitally animated movies, thus changing the animated movie industry.
The Spark
Every computer now is an innovation of Mac's graphic user interface(how we see computers today instead of lines of code)
Android came out a year after Apple's iOS
Every full length animated movie is an innovation of the original animated movie 'Toy story'
The Re-Invention
Jobs convinced Steve Woznaik to start Apple to build computers for hobbyists who wanted to write software without the hassle of building a computer
Apple II was the upgrade which took the world by storm
Macintosh was created to be a cheap, easy to use personal computer
The Idea
Changing the Face of Technology
The Resources
Question 1
Question 2
Question 3
Android came out _____ Apple's iOS:

A.1 year before
B.1 year after
C.at the same time
D.5 years before
What was the first computer animated feature film?

A. Finding Nemo
B. Cinderella
C. Toy Story
D. Aladdin
Innovator, Inventor Extraordinaire
Personal computers had to be assembled
Mainframe computers made by IBM were for commercial users
Commodore PET had an unstable operating system
Portable stereos were bulky and heavy, Cassette tape players and compact disc players were delicate to use
Animated movie techniques were limited to hand drawn methods etc..
How many songs were cassette tape players limited to?

A. 20-30
B. 50-100
C. 10-12
D. what's a cassette tape?

Presented by:
Suzannah Giglia
Ben Barnes
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