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re poject on St. Augustine.

Uddhav Mehra

on 28 July 2010

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Transcript of St.Augustine

St. Augustine Born on:
November 13, 354 Died on:
Died: August 28, 430
(aged 75) In Hippo Regius, Numidia (now modern-day Annaba, Algeria) In Thagaste, Numidia (now Souk Ahras, Algeria) Inspired by the fall of the Roman Empire Two of his most important and most read books Childhood and Early Life Born in Africa to St. Monica
Had a Christian education while growing up because of his mother.
Later, went to Carthage to study and gave up his religion during that time
He learn the practice of persuasion and words at Carthage.
Wrote a book (First autobiography in the western world) called Confessions in which he wrote about his wild youth and his time at Carthage.
At Carthage, his life was more of an ever-on-going party with no end. It was completely wild!!!! His Adult Life Had a son named Adeodatus with a woman he met in Carthage
Was deeply inspired by the life of St. Anthony of the Desert.
Went through a personal crisis when he gave up his job, quit his career in rhetoric, and his views about marriage.
Converted to Christianity and devoted himself completely to God.
The key of his conversion was that he had heard a childlike voice say "tolle lege" (take up and read) he went home, picked up Apostle Paul's "Epistle to the Romans". He opened up a random page that told him to follow and serve Jesus. Confessiones (Confessions) Autobiography of St. Augustine's life
Made up of 13 books or parts
Basically talks about his sinful youth and how he converted into Christianity.
His works Throughout his Life. Confessions . City of God . Christian Doctrine . Handbook on Faith, Hope and Love . Soliloquies . Trinity . Letters . Articles. De Civitate Dei (On the City of God) A study of the relationship between Christianity and secular society consisted 0f 22 books Teachings Of St. Augustine He also had various different views in the fields of: His Beliefs on Christianity He believed that the texts in the bible were to be interpreted metaphorically. Natural knowledge and biblical interpretation
Original sin
Sacramental theology
Just war
Views on lust
Statements on Jews
Abortion and ensoulment
Had new and radical ideas about student-teacher relations
Taught how all beings were good because they were created by God, who is good.
Humans had free will and could only reach God by acting on that will.
Everything is good but man's rejectiond of good brings evil into the world.
The pourpose of education is to one day finally reach God.
Taught how the way to God was to look into oneself.
A lot of St. Audustine's teachings were on how teachers should teach! Influences Greatly Influenced the way of modern teaching.
Directly influenced two men of his time, the Roman statesman and writer Cassiodorus and the Spanish prelate and scholar Isidore of Seville.
Influenced Thomas Aquinas and The Anglo-Saxon scholar and headmaster Alcuin.
Thomas was a vary important figure in Christian history and his works greatly influenced Christianity then, end even now. bibliography http://eny.dioceseny.org/Archives/0703/StAugustine.gif
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