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maria berrios


Christine Purcell

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of maria berrios

selena where they live selena an her family lived in Texas family life selena had one brother and one sister marvis selenas dad started a band
Marvis selena was born in lake jackson,texas in April 16,1971 Marvis Fun facts 35 million people went to selenas funeral bigraphy resource Jobs and hobbies selena perforned lots of performance with her band
biography resource selena sang an a restarant with
her band Marvis 1995 her recording
had sold an estimate
three million copies
biography resource she was popular after
she died Marvis she appread on johny canales t.v show Marvis selens and her family lived in
lake,jackson texas Marvis http://www.selenaforever.com/SelenaPictures1/Selena%2049.jpg Where they Live Lived in Texas Family Life One older brother and sister Her dad started a band Born in Lake Jackson Texas
April16,1971 Interesting/Sad Facts
More than 30,000 people attended her funeral. Sadly she was murdered by Yolanda Saldivar at age 24 Sold 35 million copies of an album Yolanda Saldivar was her fan club manager Jobs/Hobbies She performed lots of performances with her band Sang in a restaurant http://www.selenaforever.com/SelenaPictures1/Selena%2049.jpg http://www.selenaforever.com/images4/Selena2_McAllen_Texas.jpg selena
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