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No description

Zoe B

on 7 January 2015

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The one where i explain where the story takes place
the demon realm
Some of the stories main characters live in Brooklyn
Clarissa "Clary" Adele Fray and Simon Lewis
Jocelyn Fray
Luke Garroway
Both Clary and Simon grew up here and became best friends here
Jocelyn ended up living here after fleeing from Valentine after the war, and Luke later joined her after spending years finding her
Some other characters we find here are Eric, a friend of Simon, and Clary's neighbour Madame Dorothea
The Institute
The Pandemonium
Magnus Bane's Apartment
The Vampire's Lair
Here is where Clary encounters the Shadowhunters Jace, Isabelle, and Alec for the first time.
An all ages club that Simon and Clary go to.
Also attracts demons, vampires, warlocks, etc.
When she first sees them, she realizes that she's the only one who could see them, which surprises the Shadowhunters.
One of the clues that Clary finds in order to find her mother leads her and her friends to a party at Magnus Bane's Apartment

A place that offers refuge to Shadowhunters
It has been around for hundreds of years
Not many people have permanent residence here
The people who live here are
Alexander "Alec" Gideon Lightwood
Isabelle "Izzy" Sophia Lightwood
... And their parents and brother Max
Hodge Starkweather
Magnus is the High Warlock of Brooklyn
He is throwing this party for his cat
Faeries, vampires, and werewolves show up at this party
At Magnus' party, Simon is turned into a rat and taken by the vampires to their lair
Clary and Jace (with Izzy and Alec in the movie) go to their lair to try to save him
Homeland for the Shadowhunters
Located between
There are wardings all around it so if you try to go there, you'll be transported from one border to the next
BUT is not on any mundane maps
The only way to get into Idris is by portal
The capitol city (and only city) is Alicante.
Shadowhunters either live in Idris or in Insitutes all over the world
This has been the vampires lair for centuries
Their leader is Camille but she is on vacation, so their current leader is Raphael Santiago
The Angel Razeil is responsible for the existence of Shadowhunters
Long ago, Johnathan Shadowhunter summoned the angel at Lake Lyn and asked him to create a race of humans to fight the demons that had attacked the earth
Razeil combined his blood with the blood of Johnathan, which Johnathan drank out of the Mortal Cup (part of the Three Mortal Instruments), thus creating the first generation of Shadowhunters
This is where demons come from
There are many parts of the demon realm
When a demon is killed, they are sent back to the demon realm
There are many entrances into this realm
The mother of all demons Lilith lives there, along with 9 greater demons
Basically, where Shadowhunters go after they die
Their Bodies are burned to ashes, and stored in the City of Bones, so that they continue to protect the Shadowhunters even after death
Clary is taken here to find out what is going on in her mind by the Silent Brothers and this is where they find out about Magnus
There is a bigger one in Idris
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