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Queen Elizabeth I

by Jessie Piechowski and Taylor Gilliam

Taylor Gilliam

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth I Early Life A Hard Journey The Golden Age Achievements Born September 7, 1533 in Greenwich Palace Parents: King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn By Jessie Piechowski and Taylor Gilliam Literary Economic Anne Boleyn, beheaded for failing to produce a son 4 Stepmothers High Education at her father's court Never married Ruled during Renaissance reformation
Brought peace to Protestants and Catholics
Inspired troops to defeat the Spanish Armada
Stabilized the country after the rule of "Bloody Mary"
United all social classes in the theater Second in line after younger brother Edward
(1558-1603) Took throne at 25 Interesting Facts Called "The Virgin Queen"

England grew in literary culture
Led England in a "reawakening" of art
Reinstated Oxford and Cambridge for young scholars
Francis Bacon
William Shakespeare Loved to write poetry and music Called "The Virgin Queen" Tried for treason twice Conspired against to marry Thomas Seymour so he could take her throne Vulnerable after her father's death Ruled after a time of darkness was ending Avoided war with Roman Catholics Various forms of art flourished
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