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Rap Music

No description

Amna Zia

on 15 November 2015

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Transcript of Rap Music

Rap Music
Where and When did rap originate?
What is Rap?
It's a style of popular music, generally perform in a vocal style in which the lyrics are spoken, rather than sung, against a backdrop of music
Rap affected music today since most rap today often discuss 3 topics that are drugs,sex & money
Rap has influenced popular culture such as drugs and the recent leagalizing of marijauna
in USA.
Rap & hip-hop music as we know today actually began thousands of years ago in Africa with the “griots”

The griots were village story tellers who played a simple handmade instrument while they told stories of family and village events.
This “talking” while music is playing is rap music in its most basic form.
Other than that, rap music fundamentally originated in the 1970s in the South Bronx, area of New York, & was primarily marketed to the African-American community.
The South Bronx area
Also, rap music began as a cross-cultural product.
Thus, South Bronx is known as the "birthplace of rap & hip-hop"
Another picture....
...and another one...
Early artists, such as DJ Kool Herc & DJ Hollywood, were 1st & 2nd generation Americans from Jamaica.
DJ Kool Herc
(aka the Godfather of Hip-hop)

These artists used the Jamaican style of cutting and mixing with American music.
DJ Hollywood
(aka the original King of Rap)
What musical artists are prominent in rap?
Ice Cube
Dr. Dre
How has rap influenced: fashion/clothing/jewellery/ hair styles/ English Language?
Popular rap
videos inlfuence
baggy clothing,
with a large
focus on gold &
platinum jewelry
portraying the
"Gangsta look"

Traditional African-American hair styles such as: Afros,Cornrows & Caesar low-cut are also influenced
Rap is popular music because it consists of various contorversial themes & word usage and youth feel it descibes them, an excellent form of self-expression
Music genre

Other trends rap music has encouraged are
It has influenced the putting on of jewelry &
the most common name given to it is "bling bling".
This look
is known
as "ghetto fabulous"
Rap also influences the English language we use and its meaning.
Words like “bling” things ending in “izzle” like “for shizzle” meaning, for sure, and “hur” instead of "here" are becoming a main stay in today’s youth speech.
These rappers are significant since they have inspired many others & rap about how they feel, conveying personal messages, worldwide issues & made good statements about the urban sub culture or lifestyle
They have seprated their rap from mainstream rap which is vulgarity/violence strung together with no redeeming value or point other than just to be vulgar/violent. Thus, they are significant.
Rap is performed against a backdrop of music. This music often consists of
and rhythms borrowed from the soul, funk, or rock genres.

Musicians typically remix these sounds and rhythms, adding their own innovations, and often synthesized musical elements.
Beatboxing is a very popular musical style associated with rap
Is there a specific musical style, sound or instrument associated with rap?
Fact is that rap music actually emerged from talking
about social/political
issues at the time, it
was a form of protest for those who were unable to voice their opinions
In the early years of rap, the lyrics would have to do with the lack of fair treatment between the rich & the poor, or blacks or whites.
These social justice probl-
ems contributed to rap
Grandmaster Flash's "The Message" was an early and hugely influential political & conscious hip hop track, decrying the poverty, violence, and dead-end lives of the black youth of the time.
What political, social or economic facts contributed to rap?
How has rap impacted popular culture and music?
Example of a rap song
The End
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