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No description

Melody Salamo

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Levi's

You are working in the marketing department for Levi clothing. A new line of Levi jeans is being proposed and your supervisor has decided to include you in the production and design of the new line of jeans. Essentially, the jeans are unisex, for men and women; the age range of the line is 18-45. The design of the jeans is being called “baggy britches,” and they fit loosely around the buttocks and crotch areas but fit snugly around the calves and ankles. A random survey was conducted six months ago in fourteen major cities around the country (North America), in this survey 2,500 people were surveyed, with 84% of those surveyed responded favorably to such a design, 10% were unsure if they would buy and wear the design and 6% of those surveyed claimed that would not wear such a design. The leader of your marketing team has elected you to put together a new survey. You are supposed to write the questions and then distribute the survey. The survey is to include local, national and international populations (your target audiences are varied). The projected range of participants is 6,000-13,000.
Why do we need a new survey? What's the problem with the old survey? How can I improve it?
Which countries should we target and how many languages should we put the survey in?
How can we go about distributing the survey?
How can we make our customers finish our survey?

1. Post the survey on the Levis website and promise our customers to give them a $10 coupon for the new pair jeans if they can finish the survey online.

2. We would have to gather the contact information of our target customers from other stores:
Zappos (online store)
And other stores

3. Post the survey link on Facebook, tweeter, and other social media sites.

How will we go about distributing the survey?

Environment protection-- we are not going to print our survey on paper. All of our survey are posted online.
Language and culture

Once you and your marketing team have developed the survey questions, received approval from your supervisors and distributed the surveys to your target populations, you start receiving feedback on the surveys. On one specific question: “Jeans that are roomy around the thighs are kind of jeans I like to wear.” The range of possible responses include: “Strongly Disagree, Disagree, Neutral, Agree, and Strongly Agree.” However, 75% of the participants selected “Neutral” to this statement and then wrote a short comment in the “Additional Comments” section of the survey. The common response to this statement was that it was suggesting they wear or prefer “plus size” clothing. Many participants also suggested re-wording the question. However, fourteen participants demanded a personally written apology from you and your marketing or from Levi clothing.

How should we proceed in addressing the question?
Will we reword it?
How will we proceed in addressing the personally written apology to those fourteen participants?


The complaints will be addressed in a letter sent out to those who complained, but rather than to address each complaint personally, a letter addressing all concerns will be sent to those who were offended with an attached gift card. The question will not be reworded but rather interpreted how it was intended in order to clarify the purpose.


Someone on your five person marketing team in creating, distributing and collecting the data for the survey complained to your supervisor that they did not feel fully included in all of the stages of the process. They cite certain individuals as being “bossy” or as being “lazy” and you as favoring other people’s suggestions and ideas over theirs. Your supervisor contacts you about the complaints but tells you not to worry about it that it does not reflect on your performance as a valuable employee to their marketing department. However, your supervisor wants you work on another project with this individual who complained about your performance. The assignment means working closely together in interviewing select individuals from the survey you conducted over the “baggy britches” jeans.

How will you approach this new assignment?
This assignment will be approached as an opportunity to make a better impression with this employee, as well as to develop a better professional relationship with John Michael. The assignment will first be approached by reaching out to John Michael via email and addressing his previous concerns, in an attempt to ease him and guarantee that it won't happen again, so that he can look forward to working with me on the assignment.

What strategies will you employ in order to successfully complete this new assignment?
In order to successfully complete the new assignment I will embrace his ideas, and attempt to develop better communication skills with all of the members in my department starting with John Michael. In conducting the surveys we will work collaboratively to develop the appropriate questions that will create the best possible responses from those who completed the survey in order to create the best jeans possible.

Questions and Solutions
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