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Sandy Cheeks

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of lyddie

January 10,2014
DON'T do it Lyddie !

Short Summary
Lyddie shouldn't sign the petition because if she does there would be lots of consequences to signing the petition. Even though she doesn't like all of the dust and hot air she still should work the long hours to get paid more instead of less money while working less hours. Also if Lyddie signs the petition she probably wouldn't be able to get money
The other good reason why Lyddie shouldn't sign the petition is because if she signs the petition she will have to work less hours and wouldn't get paid much money. In chapter 12 Amelia and Lyddie were talking about if they sign the petition they would be working less hours and would get paid less money, the conversation they were having quoted
" I'm worn out, Amelia. We're all worn out. But we'd be paid much less...if we work ten hours, we'd be paid much less." (91)
This quote demonstrates that Lyddie and the others are worn out. The girls probably feel like giving up but I don't think they are because of the part of the quote that says "but we'd be paid much less." That means that the quote is basically saying that if the hours drop the money stop.
One of the reasons Lyddie should not sign the petition is because she will be blacklisted. At the Factory in chapter 12 Lyddie discuses the reasons why and why not to sign the petition.
On page 92 Betsy says to Lyddie," What will you do with no job? You'd be blacklisted. No other corporation would hire you." (92)
This quote explains that the people all around wouldn't want her to work for them, she would be blacklisted
[Blacklisted means someone has been put on a list for deserving punishment, is impossible for him/her to find a job]
People probably wouldn't want to hire Lyddie if she signs the petition because they would think that she would give up on that job and keep switching jobs.

In Katherine Paterson's novel Lyddie, the main character works hard at the mill in Lowell, Massachusetts to get her family back together.
While Lyddie is working at the factory the conditions were harsh, such as it being hot, dusty and machines moving faster but it was worth it. Some think it would be foolish to not sign the petition because she would be exhausted everyday after work.
Lyddie shouldn't sign the petition because she could be blacklisted and never get a job again, another reason is because even though Lyddie works long hours she still should work to gain more money. Mean while Lyddie and Diana are trying to set up a petition to work fewer hours a day. Lyddie has to make a difficult decision of whether or not to sign the petition.
Even though there are reasons why Lyddie should sign the petition her decision
sign the petition is the right thing for her to do. Even though there are bad days through the week she still works in the harsh conditions and muggy air to complete what she has to get far in life.
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