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kerem kara

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of Cloning

1. General
• What is cloning?
2. Biological aspects:
• Therapeutical cloning
 -> pro
 -> contra
• Reproductive cloning
-> first cloned sheep (Dolly)
 -> pro
 -> contra
farmer industry

Cloning - an ethically justified procedure?
reproductive cloning
the nucleus of a cell is removed from a donor
placed in an unfertilized egg cell (nucleus has been removed)
-> this egg cell is stimulated
than begins dividing and grow-ing
-> into an embryo
-> inserted into the uterus from
surrogate mother
process as in a normal pregnancy until birth
farmer industry
BioArts International
cloning pets

-> Trakr: 100.000 Euros per dog

-> Baba Ganoush & Tabouli
- "Chromatin-transfer"

-> “If the animals show genetic
defects, you get the money back
or a new clone!”
Discussion and questions

3. Current situation
• BioArts International
-> cloning pets for money
• “cloning” dead human
 -> Panos Zavos

4. Legal position

5. Discussion

Is cloning an ethically justified procedure?
Should we be afraid of cloning?
Should cloning become a part of the future technology?
What is cloning?
Cloning -> creating one or more organisms of genetically identical individuals
The DNA is the same between these creations
Cloning is separated into two different types
-> therapeutical cloning
-> reproductive cloning

therapeutical cloning
only organs are cloned
-> no whole living being
helpfull in medicine
high failure rate
growth factors
-> their influence on the
differentiation of the stem cells
ethical disputed
Legal position
"The Embryo Protection Act"
first section: improper use of reproduction technology
-> Anyone will be punished with up to three years
imprisonment or a fine, who attempts to fertilise
artificially an egg cell for any purpose other than
bringing about a pregnancy of the woman from whom
the egg cell originated.
sixth section: cloning
-> Anyone who causes artificially a human embryo to
develop with the same genetic information as another
embryo, foetus, human being or deceased person will be
punished with imprisonment up to five years or a fine.
-> Any attempt is punishable.
seventh section: Formation of chimeras and hybrids:
-> Anyone who attempts by fertilisation of a human egg
cell with the sperm of an animal or by fertilisation of an
animal’s egg cell with the sperm of a man to generate an
embryo capable of development will be punished with
imprisonment up to five years or a fine.

pro and contra
cloned other sheep
->genetically modified->produce milk that
include a human protein: important for
blood clotting
testing new drugs and medication strategies
->cloned animals are all genetically
->their reactions to the drugs or the medicine
is similar
extinct and endangered animal species can be recovered and produced.
most cloned animal embryos cannot develop into healthy individuals.
->early death
These creations have no biological father
cloning livestock such as cows and pigs
hope to breed cows that produce lactose-free milk contains milk with less fat, or kills the salmonella itself
U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that meat and milk from cloned animals are as safe as non-cloned animals for human consumption.
cloning is very expensive
-> takes many years until food products from
cloned animals come into supermarkets.

Panos Zavos
mommoth cloning
the cloning of extinct animal species.
want to bring mammoths back to life.
some examples which are well conserved
In the mammoth hair, is the DNA
will take years to create such a mammoth.
The last step
-> to fuse the nuclear (mammoth) with an egg cell of an elephant
->then birth.
He has transferred cloned embryos into the human womb
None of the embryo transfers ran to a viable pregnancy
cloned embryos of three dead people
->a 10-year-old child called Cady
->blood cells fused them with cow eggs
create cloned human-animal hybrid
Baby Andrew
died after surgery
Mark Hunt and wife
Brigitte Boisselier
-> "The Raelians": cloning is the gate to
eternal life
Boisselier told the press too much about her controversial plan
-> project was doomed to fail
-> Hunts withdraw their clone-order
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