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My Progression

No description

stavroulla economou

on 8 April 2011

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Transcript of My Progression

My Progression Editing My editing skills have improved alot. By the time we got to editing the final film I had learnt much more about both the hardware and the software; it became more simple and took less time. We became more creative and explored the interfaces of Final Cut Pro, Soundtrack Pro and Livetype more, e.g. when we used the CCTV frame. Although it was quite time-consuming to explore the programs further, it was worth it, especially the CCTV frame as most people seemed to really like it and believed it was a clever way to create suspense as it shows that she is being watched, and the mystery of not knowing who is watching her makes the ambience of the opening more tense. Due to the fact that some people were not in class the day we filmed our preliminarys (and two of those absent people being in our group) Stravroulla and I joined together with another group and decided to use their idea for the preliminary task. As we did not have much notice beforehand about this task, we had to improvise alot with our camera shots/angles, mise en scene, etc. We managed to pull it off and learned alot about the process of filming and editing. Preliminary Task (Last Chance) Thriller Opening (Provocation) Our final film, on the other hand, entailed lots of planning. We decided to follow the typical conventions of thriller films so that a guaranteed suspenseful atmosphere would be achieved. By sticking to the typical conventions of thriller films such as darkness and the use of blood, I believe that the suspenseful atmosphere was achieved. There was silence throughout the cinematic screening of our film, the reason for this is probably that the audience was drawn to the storyline. In the preliminary task we were quite basic with the editing. The only effect we used was the 'Cross Dissolve' effect when i mysteriously appear. Also the title font that we used on Livetype was very basic and the animation for the title seemed a little too animated for a thriller, which is why we chose to use a simple animation for our thriller opening. Editing Mise en Scene The mise en scene in 'Last Chance' was too much, the background being in a room with Macs interupted the suspenseful atmosphere that we had intended for there to be. The clothing I was wearing was also very casual which made it look very amateur. The only props we used were the scarf for my head and the chairs, the macs were not purposely put there for our mise en scene (obviously). Filming The filming was very basic as we had to improvise, so there wasn't a wide variety of shot types/angles which made the film look very simple and amateur. Mise en scene As a result of our preliminary task, we focused on the mise en scene alot. We decided to have a plain, dark setting so all the focus would be on Francesca, we decided that a garage would be a good place as they are generally scary. The only props we used was the photos on the wall, blood (food colouring), hair (from hair extensions), a jacket, a pillow and a bed cover. We also put more thought into her clothing. Filming We used a wide range of shot types/angles. For example we used an extreme close up, over the shoulder shot, high ngle shot, birds eye view, etc. We put more thought into the framing, so it was much better than the framing of the preliminary. My knowledge of media technology got better also. Teamwork There was not much teamwork, probably because we had to work with other people due to the fact that two people in our group were absent. Also since we thought the preliminary was not as important as the thriller opening, we did not put too much effort into it, which was a mistake. Teamwork There was much more teamwork in the thriller opening; we all knew how important it was so we put alot into it. We were ore organised which made things less time-consuming, so our organisational skills improved alot. Our planning skills have also improved as we did alot of planning, which was very necessary. Sound We put more time and thought into the sound as we really wanted it to play a major role in creating suspense. We explored Soundtrack Pro more and used a wider range of sound/sound effects. Sound We did not concentrate on the sound that much, we used one non-diegetic sound which was when I appeared out of nowhere. The music in the background is one type of sound; there were not layers of sound. So the music was plain and did not create much suspense.
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