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John Christie

No description

Nico Tellez

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of John Christie

His Childhood
What was their adult life like?
John Christie
By: Carol House, Nico Tellez
Were there any precursors?
Did they finish high school or college? Did they marry? Have children? Were they loners?
He was dominated by his five sisters, had an overprotective mother, and his father displayed little emotion towards them. The dad also punished them for trivial offenses. He then developed a personality disorder that caused him to exaggerate or feign illness to get attention and sympathy. He had difficulty with intimacy which caused his separation with his wife. And became a control-obsessed hypochondriac with an inherit dislike of women.
He married Ethel Simpson, but split up four years later in 1924. He had problems preforming intercourse and could only do so with prostitutes. This led to problems in their marriage. He was sent to jail for many petty crimes. After his release he and his wife got back together, he stopped his petty crimes, but continued to sleep with prositutes.
No, he left school at age 15 to take a job as an assistant film projectionist. He was married to Ethel Christie with no children.
Yes, he had committed petty crimes before his murders. Such as when he was a postman he would steal orders, he was convicted of obtaining money on false pretenses and violent conduct. He also assaulted a prostitute by hitting her in the head with a cricket bat, and lastly stole a car from a priest he befriended.
Were they diagnosed with a Mental disorder? Did they receive treatment?
What was the nature of their crimes?
He was diagnosed with a personality disorder that caused him to lie about illness to get sympathy and attention. He did not receive treatment.
What was the time span of their crimes?
August 1943 to March, 6, 1953
How many victims?
What was their behavior when they were caught?
He would gas his victim with carbon monoxide which caused them to be drowsy and then he would strangle them with a length of a rope. With his last three victims he raped them while they were unconscious and continued to do so as they died. And after he would hide his victims bodies in his house.
Were they found capable to withstand in trial?
There are eight known victims. When he was caught he was said that he was not John Christie.
What were they charged with and sentence to?
John Christie was charged with the murder of his wife. He was sentenced to execution. He was hanged July, 15, 1953.
Yes, he was only tried for the murder of his wife Ethel. His trial began 22 June 1953. Christie pleaded insanity and claimed to have poor memory of the events. The jury rejected the plea, and found him guilty.
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