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Japan Project

Wyatt Holmes

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Photo

Aspects of teen life in Bozeman Montana The Japan Project: Home: Recreation: School: Juggling a soccer ball after getting home is a great way to strengthen foot-eye coordination. The dirt bike: every guy has to have something to get totally muddy with. Parked back at the house. This is my car, and although it is a junker, it gets down the road. "Where words fail, music speaks." - Hans Christian Anderson - writer Other Stuff: Yet another messy bedroom. There are funner things than cleaning The only good homework is no homework, right? Well, I guess it helps in the long run. My house, on a hilltop in big sky country A little relaxation time playing video games never hurts Bozeman Cross Country competes in the Regionals 5 Kilometer run in Boise, Idaho. Hunting in Montana. What a blast. Frisbee!!! indoors, outdoors, in the snow, its all fun. ceramics is just one of many interesting shop and art classes offered at BHS. The Japanese writing on either side of the pot are the words “wisdom,” “love,” “hope,” and “prosperity.” Just hanging out at lunch. Looking at the front of Bozeman High School... On yet another snowy spring day little caesars’ “hot n’ ready” pizza. Well, when life is fast, the food should be too. One of the art club projects of painting a table is coming along quite nicely. The family and pets. Almost every class involves technology now. The rest of the photo room is devoted mostly to film photography though. Credits: Olympus for the digital camera that took all of these photos. All of the people and/or objects that allowed themselves to be photographed. Me for taking the pictures.
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