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ITC 100 - Summer 2011

No description

Jason Soohoo

on 12 January 2012

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Transcript of ITC 100 - Summer 2011

ITC 100 - Summer 2011 Week 1 - May 24 Jason Soohoo Biology
Computer Science
Geological Sciences
Occupational Therapy
Sport and Movement Science Computer Science Library 283-J, Central Campus
Chat: Google, MSN, Yahoo
Find Me: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter Visiting Instructor Science and Technology Librarian What is Web 2.0? Web 1.0 = Surfed and download
Web 2.0 = Participatory and interactive Web 2.0 Concepts Collaboration Skills
Communication Skills
Critical Thinking
Information Literacy
User Participation Collaboration Skills shift from document-focused work style to a people-focused work style Communication Skills communicate, share information
using various formats Creativity be creative across the curriculum Critical Thinking draws on communication
and information literacy skills Information Literacy access information efficiently and effectively User Participation People are the content
of the site Week 1 - May 24 Week 2 - June 02 Searching the Web Introductions
Overview Web 2.0 Screen Capture
Photo editing Week 3 - June 09 Posters
Movies Week 4 - June 14 Finding Audio, Images, Videos Week 4 - June 14 Web 2.0 Presentations Week 3 - June 09 Midterm Exam Week 3 - June 07 Week 6 - June 28 Collaboration Tools /
Virtual Office Applications Week 4 - June 16 Social Bookmarks Week 5 - June 23 Wikis
Blogs Week 5 - June 21 Presentation Tools Week 6 - June 28 Information Overload Week 6 - June 30 Final Project
Presentations Week 6 - June 30 Final Exam 1994 = 10,000 websites
1998 = 3.5million websites
2007 = 71 million websites C
P urrency = date created, updated
elevancy = importance, value
ccuracy = reliable, evidence, errors
uthority = authors, credentials, contact info
urpose = goals, objectives cost cutting methods to create,
store, and collaborate

"Cloud computing" Wiki Collaborative website which can be
edited by anyone with access to it

Many authors, knowledge comes from
community of topic experts

Articles change and updated Blog Personal or corporate website in
form of online journal

One author, one opinion

Each post becomes stale over time Google Docs, Zoho Suite Word Processing

Create, import, edit,
search, organize, share,
and collaborate

Create an account 2 groups of photo sharing sites:
sites that offer free photo sharing
sites that charge consumer directly to host and share photos great way backup pictures
share your photos
tag your photos maintain friendships and collegial and professional relationships

activities using web-based tools for interaction and collaboration New types and channels of information

media and digital information overload! Personal Information Pages (start pages)
can be personalized by adding RSS feeds, widgets, web pages, and tools save and organize websites

creates a collaborative environment

similar to Firefox's Bookmarks and
Internet Explorer's Favorites

Users apply "tags" to a website Tagging
Users apply "tags" to a photo

Keywords or descriptors about a photo Tag Clouds
Apply tags to a website Benefits
1. Effective, efficient, reliable way to save and organize
2. Collaborative environment
3. Supports discovery/exploration process
4. Tap the 'collective intelligence' of the web
5. Opportunity for 'sensemaking' through tagging
6. Collaboratively evaluate websites
7. analyze the website content
8. Public or Private access
9. Anytime/Anywhere learning
10. Integrates with RSS/blogging Screen Capture
capture and share your screen Social Media Collaborative
Share Glogster
Free poster creation tool
Imaginative, creative, self expression Xtranormal
If you can type, you can make a movie! Creative Commons
Non-profit corporation
Founded in 2001

Share work so that others can build upon it

Require attribution be given to original author

Easy way to assign copyright to your work 1995 - Classmates.com
2002 - Friendster.com
2003 - Myspace.com
2004 - Facebook.com Social Network features:
Profile Page
Network of Friends
Public Commenting System
Private Messaging System Week 1 - May 26
Social Networking Week 2 - May 31 Up in the Clouds Online Storage

Backup your files

Free space Know different search engines

One search engine can't do it all

Invisible web

Search engines can't read your mind

Evaluate Visualize ideas

Environment of active participants


Promote different learning styles

Incorporates various media

Facilitates editing content

Enhances learning

Raises interest and motivation

Addresses a larger audience

Encourages use of technology Web 3.0 Define the task
Select information sources
Locate and record information
Process information
Organize information
Present findings
Evaluate results
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