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No description

Monyee Wong

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of Travel

Do not hesitate! Let's go traveling now! GO TRAVELING Thank you for listening! With the beautiful scene I always think that I should go for traveling. But unfortunately, it didn’t turn to be a fact at last. The life of Michael I had a dream to climb the Himalayas. I eventually became a grizzled old man... About Traveling We are the Myth! Let's enjoy a video! Presented by: Huang Wenyi, Huang Zheng, Jia Wenqian, Gu Nanqi, Liu Hui. When I was young...... When I was 19... I had a dream... Amoy Lasa Lijiang Fenghuang Wuzhen But unfortunately, things go contrary to my wishes. I have never been to anywhere in my list so far. Every time I make up my mind to leave the everyday life to go out for my dream of traveling. When I was at my middle-age... A middle-aged man’s thought More responsibilities Work hard to get a promotion Take care of my family More pressure -Can't give up what I had.
-Don't have time to travel, and breathe fresh air. I had a dream to cross the Sahara. I had a dream to be standing on the Eiffel Tower overlooking the Champs Elysees. I have heard that the Japanese cherry blossoms falling like flavor snowflakes.
I have heard that the ancient city of Lijiang in Yunnan Province is graceful.
I have heard that the couple kissing under the Bridge of Sighs can be together forever. I feel regretful. When should we go traveling? What is traveling? How ? Where is the interesting place we can go? For institude....... Why do we travel? Travelling is like a dessert which you do not have to eat every day, but if you haven’t tasted it, you will feel ashamed that you didn’t know how sweet it was, how wonderful your life can be.

Travelling is a chance for you to relax yourself, to touch the world, to tell you know that what the world is like. Follow your heart

A ticket is enough

Travel on your own

Travel with who you love Travel without hesitation A journey brings us face to face of ourselves,
it’s a process of self-discovery.
A journey not only shows us the world,
but how we fit in it.
It’s journey that can create the person. We think a lot before we travel. People always consider about money and time. But they don’t know that it’s difficult for us to have both time and money. Even we have them, we may lose our healthy bodies. Life is short, we should travel when we want to. We can get a lot from the journey. (1) book the hotel on line in advance so that you can easily find the place to live.

You know, booking hotel on line can be very cheap and convenient. (2) Make sure that your credit card, ID card and all kinds of cards are always with you.
These cards are very important for you and your life. If one of them have been lost, you will be in trouble. 3) when you go out, don't show your money to strangers. And keep your wallet with you.
Without money, I think, your travel will be much difficult. (4) take some necessary medicine with you for unexpected needs. (5) make sure that you can get in touch with others all the time.
When you leave home for somewhere, you should let others especially your family know you are safe. Japan Hawaii Beijing Harbin Cherry Blossom Sakura March 15 to April 15 Pink Snow Mount Fuji 3776 meters
No.1 active volcano T Traditional Food Golden Beaches
Surf swim watch the whales other marine life Visit beautiful gardens The beautiful land
and the warm weather Aloha The Fragrant Hill Each winds through respectively
the northern,
the middle,
the southern part of the hill FORBIDDEN CITY The majesty of this grand palace The Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival Far away
Near by Wherever you go
you can see different kinds of view
if you have a heart which looks forward the trip
and eyes which can find the beauty of the scenery
the place you go
is the most beautiful scence in the world. The meaning of travel 1.Relax ourselves 2.Broaden one’s horizon 4.Explore the nature and challenge yourself Samuel Johnson :
The use of traveling is to regulate imagination by reality, and instead of thinking how things may be, to see them as they are. Lawrence DurrellTravel can be one of the most rewarding forms of retrospection. 3.Make new friends 5.Search for ego You can either travel or read, and either your body or soul must be on the way.
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