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PhD Talent Tree

No description

Jennie Clausen

on 1 December 2010

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Transcript of PhD Talent Tree

+1 Mastery
of Content +1 Spirit for getting an office TAship causes 10% increased agility Overall strength improved 10% by running Faster regen from close knit program Ability to parry arguments increased by 20% Adviser reputation bonus: job market penetration increased by 10% Resilience increased +1 by faculty support +1 Attack Power
Extracurricular Participation +1 Critical hit chance Extracurricular participation +1 overall damage
to program for
Comps completed Armor increased 10% when articles published Block chance increased by 10% for CTE support 10 reputation points for conference attendance. Gain 3% DPS for collaboration with peers. Speed increased 5% for organization Haste improved 5% for quality time management +30 Intellect for completing Reseach Internships Expertise increased 10% in Teaching Internship Dodge rating improved +3 when mentor peer used. END GAME STATUS When all talents have been mastered, student has achieved In End Game play, no more xp can be gained. The student now works to accomplish achievements like obtaining a job, further publishing, proposal approval, and dissertation completion. Achievements are crucial to other players wanting this student in their guild or raid group. End game is about ones ability to play the game.
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