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Rules of Engagement:

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Brian VanderKolk

on 4 January 2015

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Transcript of Rules of Engagement:

Rules of Engagement

How to Create an Effective
Online Presence

Social Media
Presentation Deck
Social Media
"Social Media Marketing for Dummies"
Graphic courtesy of Sorav Jain, CEO at echoVME
1 billion monthly active users
556 million daily active users
73%of FB users have incomes over $75,000
Facebook owns 60% of all mobile social sharing
84% of smartphone users use a Facebook app
95% of restauranteurs plan to be on FB by 2015
78% of FB users are also mobile
23% of users check their account 5x per day
80% of users prefer to connect with brands on FB
42% of marketers consider FB 'critical'
Users aged 55-64 increased 100% in 2013
Facebook Tips:
Your FB page should reflect your brand / voice
Learn from national brands that reflect your segment
Images / video dominate FB engagement
Sweet spot for posts is around 36 per month
Under the 'About' tab of your FB setup, list all social media pages, blogs, or domain names
Load keywords into your FB profile boxes to help attract relevant searches
Use a calendar to plan out your posts and events
Use polls, quizzes, and contests to interact with your community
Once you get comfortable, learn about Facebook EdgeRank, Ads, and Analytics to fine tune your message
241 million monthly active users
184 million mobile monthly active users- 76%
Average time per month spent by Twitter users- 170 minutes
Increase in engagement when a tweet includes an image: 5x
47% of users that follow a brand on Twitter will visit the brand's website
Increase in Vine usage among global teens , Q1-Q3, 2013: 639%
Twitter Tips:
Use your company name for your Twitter name
Your Twitter handle should relate to your brand or company
Fill your bio description with brand keywords
Use your business address as your location
Use keywords and #hashtags in your tweets
The first 42 characters of a tweet serve as the <title> tag for that post, so make them relevant to your brand if possible
Keep retweets under 120 characters to leave room for users to add their information to the front of the message
Post compelling content to encourage retweets and gain followers
Remember- content should reflect your brand and also speak to your followers
Google owns 67% of the U.S. search market
800,000 new enrollments every month
Searchmetrics predicts Google+ will pass FB in social sharing activity by 2016
Current share of North American sharing: 3%
68% of Google+ users are male
70%of brands have a Google+ presence
More than 5 billion +1's are clicked every day
Over 90% of mobile users utilize Google sites
Currently, there are over 6.6 million U.S. Google+ users
Number 1 Google+ activity? Sharing photos
Google+ Demographics
Percentage of Monthly Users by Generation Segment
Golden Generation: 15%
Older Baby Boomers: 16%
Younger Baby Boomers: 19%
Generation X: 23%
Millennials: 28%
Generation Z: 29%
Google+ Tips
Images are ESSENTIAL in Google+
Not a blogger? Post shorter relevant content to Google+
Post your YouTube content to Google+ for maximum SEO
Utilize Google+ to upload and store your business video/photos
Utilize your Circles to create VIP followers
Want to host a live event? Try Google+ Hangouts
Produce animated videos from your clips and photos using Auto Awesome, directly from your smartphone camera
#Hashtags? Yes, Google+ has them- Use them to differentiate your content and attract searches
Steady Demand, Google Analytics, SumAll, and Circle Count are just some of the free/inexpensive tools to analyze the effectiveness of your Google+/Social Media presence
Total number of Pinterest users: 70+ million
Percentage of Pinterest users that are women: 80%
Percentage of Pinterest images that contain faces: <20%
Amount per order Pinterest shoppers spend: $140-$180
Pinterest share of all IPad social sharing: 48.2%
Average number of website visits generated from a Pinterest pin: 2
Increase in Pinterest sharing on mobile vs desktop: 3x
Increase in Pinterest sharing by moms vs average user: 3x
Number of users that have connected their Pinterest accounts to Facebook 9+ million
Pinterest Tips
Place your four strongest search terms and page description in the 'About' section of your company profile
Set the Visibility option to 'Off' in your profile
Select the boxes that cross-link your account with Twitter and FB if set up
Use keywords in the title and description for all your boards and pins
Add the 'Pin It' button to your bookmarks bar to quickly pin content you find
Summarize text, recipes, and instructions you post with pins to keep content brief and avoid copyright infringement
Post individual pins, not links to sites, as content can change on sites
Use "@" to tag users in posts to let them know you included them
Follow boards, not users, to control the specific content topics you'll receive
Don't just re-pin. Develop original content! This is what attracts followers to your boards and drives users to your website
200 million monthly active users
Percentage of Instagram users that log in at least once daily: 70%
Instagram resides almost exclusively on IOS and Android
Instagram mobile growth 2012-2013: 66%
Average number of photos posted daily: 60 million
Average time per month spent by Instagram users: 257 minutes
43% of the top 100 brands post daily on Instagram
9 out of 10 Instagram video shares are on Facebook
Percentage of Instagram posts that contain #hashtags: 83%
Top brand on Instagram: Nike
There are 8500 likes per second on Instagram, and over 1000 comments per second
Images are stored to your phone for uploading and sharing
Filter options
give a high quality
professional look
to photos
Instagram interfaces
seamlessly with your
other platforms for
one touch sharing
Instagram does a
nice job of making
suggestions and
sorting favorites
for viewing
Utilizing the simple
mobile platform you
can easily view the
interactions with
your posts
Instagram Tips
Instagram's mobile focus makes it ideal for running promos and contests with patrons.
Instagram is owned by Facebook, so uploads are simple and seamless
Post photos relevant to your brand to spur engagement and drive followers to your website
Play with the various filters and borders to create unique snapshots
Keep in mind that Instagram crops all photos into squares
Be careful if you follow users, as they're photos will show up on your feed
Remember, #hashtags help sort topics, events, promos, or contests
Feeling adventurous? Instagram now supports 3-15 second videos that can be uploaded to Facebook or other platforms
Re-use content stored on Instagram with posts on other sites like Google+
92% of consumers have researched a website before dining out
33% view other consumers reviews prior to visiting
43% of consumers use a search engine to find restaurants online while traveling
32% of travelers would like directions on the web site
28% of travelers would like menus with pricing on the site
23% of travelers want an online review system on the site
75% of diners choose a place to dine based on search results
84% of diners look at more than one restaurant before choosing
Less than 50% of independent restaurants have a website; of those that do, only 40% display their menu online
81% of consumers have searched for a restaurant on mobile in the last six months
64% of mobile restaurant searches convert within an hour
Four out of five consumers use smartphones to shop
Mobile usage will surpass desktops in 2014
57% of users won't recommend companies with poor mobile sites
The average American spends two hours a day on a mobile device
Facebook is the number one smartphone app: 74% of users have it
Two out of three mobile/tablet users access social media
In 2012 mobile internet usage was 12x the data that was used for the entire internet in 2000
Of the 60% of small businesses that have websites, only 30% are mobile friendly
Tim Carr
631-271-3470; x236

Blake Medica
631-271-3470; x230
www.ordereze.com www.syscoflapjackshack.com
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