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Msc Project Presentation

Presentation presented at the department of Computing Science in Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh on March 2011

Suhayb Mahmood

on 9 March 2011

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Transcript of Msc Project Presentation

Background The Statistics The Aim of Project Create a 3D Game using Shaders !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hear you ask, What the hell are shaders? Shaders Provide realism in games

Its a small program that process graphics effects in real time

Example: Reflections, Bloom, Illumination, Heat haze Wait, whats the game going to be? Network Game Call of Duty Online Multiplayer Style
Players can log in and enter one big world map Carried Away... Whats the point? We Want To Measure if
Players Tend to stay in
areas of high graphics density or big open boring fields just to fight Cluster where players are mostly found on the
map Release the app prematurely within department and get iPhone AND iPad users to use it Software Selection 3DS Max - Create Models Ogre - Graphics Engine Bullet - Physics Engine Can also use: How do we measure this? Store locations on game map where shader
located objects are Log players performances on server Open TNL - Networking Project Plan Users report back if certain shader effects noticed Standing on the shoulders of giants Suhayb Mahmood iPhone/ iPad Game Mike Chantler & Roger Rist The Message Weeks Allocated Project Stage 1 Week --------------------------------------------------- Library Set up 1 Week --------------------------------------------------- 1 Week --------------------------------------------------- 1 Week --------------------------------------------------- 1 Week --------------------------------------------------- 1 Week --------------------------------------------------- 1 Week --------------------------------------------------- 2 Weeks ------------------------------------------------ 1 Week --------------------------------------------------- 1 Week --------------------------------------------------- 4 Weeks ------------------------------------------------ Character Design Level Design Input characters & level collision detection/scoring Game loop/Network Connectivity User log in system/exit Shader Implementations Release / User Testing User Testing/Analysis Report Write Up / Analysis The fallback Strategis Software libraries not linking - Use another library Fast Moving Field Software selection essentially drives the risks We are measuring if players like areas of sexy graphics Complete failure - Use Unity instead Game network setup not fast/ or not working - send less info in bitstream Too many delays in the project - reduce character and level design time Shader implementations too difficult - make it simpler Not enough user testing - go for global app store release User interface problems - reduce amount of controls One can say the literature review is the app store! Shaders - Michael Macedonia 2003 / Theresa-Marie Rhyne 2009 Usability and Computer Games - Anker Helms Jorgensen 2004 Network game design - Kuan Ta Chen & Chin Laung Lei 2006 - Johannes Farber 2002
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