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Sekou Pyle

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Fsbo meets BDG... in this together... Pricing, Marketing & Positioning... Scary at times, but easily navigable, if you're motivated enough.e beginning we are just support as we start a journey. We have our first viewing... With strong buyer/buyer's agent geared language, tagging, incentives & support, we give all the best reasons to view us First, Often & Finally... ensureing the most viewings, the best offers & easy negotiations for you during this process. NEGOTIATIONS!!!!! Using the highly motivated strategy, we can begin to have the offers compete with each other & not our original asking price... The agents have huge incentives to get the best offers from Contract acceptance... (The real work begins...) From Attorneys, to Contractors, Inspectors, Appraisers & Gremlins... You have an entirely accountable partner to steer through all of the vendors & necessities... easy enough to say. Your Purchase... With a small team of dedicated agents nothing is left to chance... since you have support on the sale, you can focus all your energy of finding that new home & getting the best deal possible... our agents are trained to find value... the look EVERYWHERE... they don't just rely on the MLS. You're place may be a hidden Gem that NO ONE has seen yet! We still got some negotiating to do! We believe in value for our customers & clients... each step during negotiations is designed to get you more value than expected... from the seller, the agents & the deal itself! Delegate your wishes & allow us to help them come true. Moving towards closing... Use our network of resources to your advantage... get discounts on things like window treatments, surveys, decoration, furniture & more.... or get some referral points from suggesting people from your social, Professional & familial circles... use these for even more value even after you've moved! Closing!!!! Here's the part everyone loves... We coordinate your final walk through, any cleaning /painting services you may need, any last minute points of concern & even the location of the closing if necessary!
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