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Evolution Mind Map

11 U Bio

Kathleen Conroy

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of Evolution Mind Map

Kathleen Conroy Mind Map THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION Evolution of an Idea Biologists (1744-1829) Jean Lamark (1707-1785) George Buffon (1809-1882) Charles Darwin Paleontigits Georges Cuvier (1769-1832) Reading Fossil Record Catastrophism Flawed Theory Evolution by inheritance of
Acquired Characteristics Hypothesis Evolution over time Disproves Immutability Also Contradictory Origin of Species Microevolution Muscle increase from vigorous exercise
is an example of an acquired characteristic Natural Selection
(survival of the Fittest) Adaptation Research Voyage of the Beagle Observations Biogeography Example All 99 lemur Species live on the island
of Madagascar, but there are lemur
fossils in India Location Galapagos Islands Observed
Species Galapagos Finches Speciation Allopatric Speciation Sympatric Speciation The Modern Theory of
Evolution Result in new Gene Pool Earth Age 4.5 Billion Years Dating Technology Radioisotope inhabitants experience Convergent Evolution Divergent Evolution Harmful Neutral Benifical Mutations Types of Selection Artificial Sexual Directional Stabilizing Disruptive Half Life Radio Metric Evolutionary Change Genetic Drift Hardy-Weinberg
Principle Coevolution Coevolution Founder Effect Genetic Bottleneck Direct
Connection Example A polar bear with thick fatty skin
in its cold environment Evidence Reproductive
Mechanism Prezygotic
Mechanism Postygotic
Mechanism Features Present Affected by Evolution Vestigial Homologous Analogous Example Example Example Without Selection a dog's "dew claw" The wings of a bird compared
to the wings of an insect A bat's wing to a human's
am. Leading research Transitional Form
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