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Cartography for NeoGeo Developers

No description

Richard Treves

on 27 September 2010

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Transcript of Cartography for NeoGeo Developers

12 Neo-Cartographic Tips For Developers
1] Testing 3-5 typical users
Sample tasks
Test for 30 - 45 minutes
Sit behind them observing
'what are you thinking?'
Identify most Errors 12] Testing Take away message 3] Less is More Which of these is the best table?
Number of lines minimised
Chart Junk minimised (serifs)
Capitalised text
Apple Tree rule for emphasis
All 'ink' must have a purpose

4] Marketing vs Clarity OS map more clear similar number of layers
OS map customised, GE designed for zoom
Marketing in Icons vs simple symbols
Web 2.0 not simple

Summary: marketing sometimes adds lots of clutter

Other Points
Plain background

more detail http://bit.ly/ajhoBz

5] Data Density Get more data on by lowering intensity of an element

Demphasize things that don't matter, e.g. road types.
6] Color Color Blindness
Harmonious colors
Symbolic colors
Seas of Blood!
http://colorbrewer2.org/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/striatic/101594790/sizes/m/ 7] Simple
No Scroll bars
Logos, real estate
Tabs, Maybe (Links instead)
Plot data on map
8] Layer Control/Interactions Keep Simple
Make more maps
What does the user really want to see?
Avoid children
Headers? (cross tips) The first link is the map I took the bad layers and balloons from

9] Introductions Demo what users can do
Brief Text intro
Examples of interesting points
For More info:
10] Web Language Short, concise. Think poster adverts.
Scanability (bold, sub titles, paragraphs)
Do users understand your headers/data sections/acronyms?
11] Icons http://www2.geog.soton.ac.uk/users/TrevesR/ge_tut/writing_introductions.html

Simple (2 tone)
Change from default
Meaningful Symbols, avoid key
Use halos if against satellite data
Web icon not = for GeoWeb
Web 2.0 (cross tip)
more detail at http://bit.ly/9B6CJN
2] Data Overload
Split into layers
blobs and pins
Density maps, unbound and bound
Heat map of density by grid
Region control so points appear at certain zoom
more detail: http://bit.ly/bCn84J
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Oil_Reserves.png Related to Web Usability These points all relate
to web page design too
and a lot more has been
written about that than
about GeoWeb design.
A nice introduction: http://www.webpagesthatsuck.com/biggest-mistakes-in-web-design-1995-2015.html#4 Related to Info Graphic Design These points all relate
to information graphic design. The best commentator on this is Edward Tufte but his commentary is in books so here's a link discussing his work: http://googleearthdesign.blogspot.com/2007/11/tufte-ideas-on-google-earth-projects.html and this is the one I took the good layers from
Links to examples 0] Introduction Mix Usability, Cartography, Graphic design.
50cm between back of user's head, back of screen
Prezi - 'map' presentation See More at
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