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To kill a mockingbird allusions stem project

No description

jared ross

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of To kill a mockingbird allusions stem project

To kill a mockingbird allusions stem project
Bram Stokers "Dracula"
They allude to sherlock holmes when they encounter the black lady and it describes her in great detail down to the scar on her face just like the famous detective sherlock holmes would have done.
Image by goodtextures: http://fav.me/d2he3r8
by: Jared, Brendan, and Nick
They allude to dracula when dill tells them about dracula the movie and what happens to him.
purpose: his purpose for this aws it made it more suspensful when they talk about boo rasdley and when they say he looks like a vampire.
They allude to merlin when they it says "atticus calls "scout, ready to read?" And it says " the lord sent me more than i can bear." Merlin as the kings servant and he was commonly overworked.
purpose: it sounds like she had a lot of work to do and it alluded to when merlin was overworkedd by arthur when he was his servant.
Sherlock Holmes
purpose: the purpose is to get an idea of what they thought of black people back then and how she looked and probably what happened after that
people allusions
places category allusions
This allusion is used when they tell that simon went across the atlantic ocean and stopped in jamaica.
purpose: the purpose is jamaica is inhabited by african americans and the story is about when black people were still not accepted fully and the significance is it is mentioned in a book about racism
This allusion is used when they tell of simons treck across the atlantic. This allusion is used to tell about another town affected by the great depression. It alludes to another poor town.
purpose: This allusion is used to describe the great depression. It is like the town of maycomb they live in. It is poor and it symbolizes poverty during the great depression
This is used when they say "it hasnt snowed in maycomb since appottamox." This was a civilization that was part of the ending of the civil war so it was a while ago.
purpose: it is used to tell why there has been no snow in maycomb since then because appottamox was a battlefield during the civil war adn it the allusion is it hasnt snowed since then adn that was a while ago.
Things category choice allusions
Stump Hole Whiskey
stump hole whiskey was an illegal whiskey that brewers hid in the holes of mockingbirds. They allude to this in chapter one when one of them talks about stump hole whiskey and the mockingbirds.
purpose: the story is called to kill a "mockingbird" and the irony is that stump hole whiskey is reffered to on the title because it is stored in mockingbird holes to keep it from being taken by law officials.
Indian Head Pennies
The pennies they find in the hole in the tree were indian head pennies. IHP were a form of currency before the presidents faces were put on the coins. It was considered good luck and it was a refrence to the great depression because they hadnt changed the money heads yet.
purpose: the IHP was thought to be a form of good luck back then and it is still considered good luck to have one today but it has also increased dramatically in worth over the years. It was also used to allude to the great depression.
Rosetta Stone
The Rosetta stone was a large block of basalt wirtten in three languages and it was discovered in egypt. It gave historians clues to the meanings of egyptian writings.
purpose: The author uses it as a leverage point on the children when Mrs.Avery said "it is writte non the Rosetta Stone not to disobey your parents." This would have meant it was very ancient knowledge therfore creditable not to disobey your elders.
21st century extensions
people category extension
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes was a great detective because he noticed things that others wouldnt and that was back then. Nowadays he has been modernized into a tv actor but he still has the qualities of a talented detective.
Places category extension
Back in the day jamaica was inhabited by african americans and they were not favored by the wwhite population and that was symbolic for the time period in the book but overtime, segregation dispersed and over time they have come to be accepted as an equal to anyone else colored or not.
Things category extension
Indian Head Pennies
Indian head pennies were considered good luck and they were worth a little money but they were rare. But nowadays they are even rarer and they have gone up in value alot and to some people they are considered luckier becasue they are older but they are never used and are just kept for sentimental value or for their money worth.
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