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My Learning Environment

No description

Charlotte Cremin

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of My Learning Environment

MY LEARNING ENVIRONMENT Leeds Portal Timetables News Feeds Exam Info Email VLE VLE Virtual Learning Environment Lecture Material Module Info MCQs Wikipedia definitions Images Revision The Leeds Uni VLE is the most important thing in
my Personal Learning Environment. I download
lecture notes before each lecture, complete MCQs
to supplement my learning and use the links
provided on there to help with my understanding of
a topic. I use The Portal mainly for email
and my timetables for lectures and
exams etc. It is veru useful for
finding out what is going on around
the university. Wikpedia is great for gaining some background
knowledge of a particular subject search engine images maps ireader To make my work look more
professional and exciting I use
google images to find images to
put into my work, such as my
prezi!! I use google maps all the time,
to find out how to get to any
particular destination by car, by
foot or even using public transport. I also use the google maps
application on my iphone
so I never get lost!! The BBC Website News Sport Weather The bbc news pages are great
for keeping up with what is
happening in the world! Facebook features in my online
learning enviroment because I have
used the tool to communicate with
my group during a group task and
also generally communicationg with
my peers on my course. And of course, i also love looking at everyone's
stupid pictures To sum everything up.... I use a number of websites and tools
in my personal learning environment
to supplement my learning and gain
better understanding of my course!!
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