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How To Play Guitar

No description

Jacob Mynczywor

on 1 April 2011

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Transcript of How To Play Guitar

The first thing
you want to do
is get your
fingers tough. This will allow
you to be able
to play the
guitar. This is helpful
because the
tougher your fingers
are the easier it will be to play chords You'll need to know
what each string is
and what it is and that it gets
thicker to thiner and each
string has it's own note. Once you know what each note is then you'll be able to tune it. When you know what notes you need for tuning there are two different ways to tune your guitar The first way to know how to tune is to simply use a tuner.
This is easier because you can just turn it on hit a string
and it will make noise and will have a bar that moves back and forth and you want it in the middle. The other way you can tune is by holding down the fifth fret for each one.
When you do this it makes the sound of the note directly below the string you
want to tune. the only difference is when you want to tune the B string you go on the forth fret. Now for guitar
you need to know strumming
patterns and theres a few basic
patterns you should know. The most basic pattern to use is where you strum up down up down up down, and keep strumming like that The next pattern to learn is the pattern that goes down rest down up down rest down up down, and again keep going. The next pattern is the one that goes down up down down up down, and continue to strum like that. Another pattern you can use that is more tricky is strumming is going down down up down down down up down and keep strumming like that. Now to learn a little
history of the guitar. The first guitar that were made
originally had twelve strings now they only have six. Another thing is Antonio de Torres
improved the acoustic guitar in 1892 to the ones we seem to have today. But before they changed twelve strings to six strings they made it to have five strings Then in 1946 they started putting nylon over the gut strings to make a better sound. Next in learning guitar
your going to need to
know the chords. First you need to know
how your fingers work
in a chord. Each finger has a number. The first finger is
always going to be
your pointer. On a
chord chart it will
show the number one. The second finger is
going to be you'll middle finger. The third finger
is going to be
the ring finger. The fourth finger is going
to be your pinky. This finger
isn't always used but can be used
in a four fingered chord. Next you'll have to learn
the few basic chords. The first basic chord is
the A chord. If you look at it
you see the numbers 123 it goes
that order if your looking down the at the guitar. The second basic chord is the
B chord. The B chord can be playin with
how showing the 2341 or it can be playing
by putting the one all the way up on the second
fret and play the other 234 in the same place and will sound closely similar. The third basic guitar chord is the C chord. I think i forgot to mention this but if you see an X you don't play that string. I also forgot to mention that if you see a circle you play it. Im getting tired of explaing each chord so now take a look for your self at the ones that are left. The more chords
you know the easier
it will be to play songs
or even write your own. Now one of the last things to know
is tabs. Tabs are ways of playing just one
not on a guitar instead of 3 or 4 like in a chord. You play this oppositely the botton note E the one bellow A
is actually the top string on you guitar so when you look at the music and your guitar make sure to look at it and make sure that your reading it oppositely. Once you put all of this together
you can do this.
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